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  • #1/24 Thank you


    We’ve been meeting lots of people lately, and we don’t usually do that. Meet people, I mean. We live in a quite secluded place, and we really don’t get out much. And then we did. Got out, that is. We traveled and we presented our work at our own stand at so called ‘alternative health…

  • #28/23 Take your power home


    We’ll keep it short today. Are you aware that you are held back by old traumas from this and previous lives? And are you also aware that the only way of truly freeing yourself from what’s holding you back is to acknowledge that you are held back, and that you chose your traumas? Of course…

  • #27/23 Trude’s testimonial


    We’ve been busy these last weeks working on the upcoming online course. We are so eager for you to get access to this important course as soon as possible, so; Sorry—we know we’re late! Last week’s newsletter simply never happened. But, we have something for you today! We just finished editing the latest video testimonial,…

  • #26/23 Be like Bruce Lee and the leopard

    #26/23 Be like Bruce Lee and the leopard


    So-called unsolvable conflicts bring with them stress, unease, disease, and unhappiness. The opposite of what most of us work towards achieving. Ever heard the song ‘Should I stay or should I go’ from the punk rock band ‘the Clash’ ? Well, what the writers got wrong was to leave it to others, in his case…

  • #25/23 Are you the same person you were yesterday or yesterlife?

    #25/23 Are you the same person you were yesterday or yesterlife?


    Being born into this world can be compared to waking up in the morning. Ten minutes being the equivalent to a year. And after about 16 hours or 90 years we leave the day or the life to rest, evaluate and to start a new day or a new life. So, when you wake up…

  • #24/23 The author reads to you

    #24/23 The author reads to you


    If, for some reason, you didn’t read the book ‘Trauma is a thing of the past’ yet, you can listen to the author reading it to you. For the time being, chapters are available as short video clips on our channel, ‘The INNATE one’. On Brighteon you can choose audio only, and thus avoid being…

  • #23/23 A short guide on how to heal your own traumas

    #23/23 A short guide on how to heal your own traumas


    INNATE is the name of the method we use to heal traumas. But why INNATE, a name that basically contradicts seeking help outside of ourselves, when that’s exactly what we offer? Our long term goal is to help everyone heal own traumas. Every day we take care of our clients, of ourselves, our family, neighbors…

  • #22/23 Look up!

    #22/23 Look up!


    Did you look up today? Not sure what we are talking about? Watch this video for a quick guide on how to ‘look up’ and connect to source. Or to your higher self, if you like. So, what did you experience? How did the exercise make you feel? Please leave a comment or send us…

  • #21/23 Did you bring a previous life with you into this one?

    #21/23 Did you bring a previous life with you into this one?


    Karmic archeology as an effective healing tool Did you watch the first part of the interview with Veronica, who finished a treatment course with Ole a couple of months ago? They talk about Veronica’s experience with such a course, what it takes to do it, and what she got out of it. If you didn’t…

  • #20/23 Out of beta

    #20/23 Out of beta


    Forage your way out of beta Many of us spend our days in beta, living like there is no ‘now’. Only tomorrow, next year, next holiday, next weekend, tonight, next degree, next meal… I’m sure you get the picture I’m trying to paint here. One side of this way of living is (probably) based on…

  • #19/23 Troubling times

    #19/23 Troubling times


    Video interview with a client Are you curious about the INNATE method? Veronica Lindholm has done a course with Ole, where they met on-line twice a week for approximately 12 weeks. After the course ended, they met and talked about Veronica’s journey together with Ole and the INNATE method. Listen to the first part of…

  • Two kittens


    We had gotten in two tiny kittens that had been abandoned outside. Me and my wife are used to dealing with cats, and thought it would be OK. But it wasn’t. The two kittens would neither eat nor drink. Soon they just lied there like in a haze. That’s when we got hold of Ole…

  • #18/23 The whales have a message for us!

    #18/23 The whales have a message for us!


    Conversation with an orca Did you hear about the orcas destroying rudders on smaller and larger sail-boats off the coast of Spain and Portugal? We did. But instead of guessing and trying to come up with plausible explanations for the whales’ behaviour, like many journalists and animal workers have done, we decided to contact them…

  • #17/23 You HAVE what it takes – will you DO what it takes?

    #17/23 You HAVE what it takes – will you DO what it takes?


    It has been a while since the last time you had news from us, but we are alive and kicking, and are preparing for the Level 1 class this coming weekend, April 15 and 16. We still have a couple of free spots, so if you want to participate, let us know! The class is…

  • #16/23 Free workshop tomorrow, Sunday March 12

    #16/23 Free workshop tomorrow, Sunday March 12


    Tomorrow, Sunday March 12 2023, we meet for a free workshop, at 20:30 CET. The topic will be the world situation, how it affects us, even if we don’t watch television or listen to the radio. The main goal will be calming and strengthening ourselves in these rather chaotic times. Remember that it is always…

  • A unique therapy form


    Previously, I have gone in various forms of conventional therapy. In my experience these therapies consists mostly of conversations where I spend an enormous amount of energy recalling old traumas, talking about old traumas, dwelling on the pain of the traumas, and not to mention crying my way through the sessions. All this without feeling…

  • #15/23 Dates for next classes are set – and March workshop postponed

    #15/23 Dates for next classes are set – and March workshop postponed


    Ole is currently working together with a woman who has been severely ill, and is working her way back to life. They are doing a course of sessions, where they meet twice a week, on-line. If you want to know what she is saying about their work so far, you can read her testimonial on…

  • #14/23 Monthly workshop – reserve your spot now

    #14/23 Monthly workshop – reserve your spot now


    We announced last week that we will be at the fair in Trondheim, Norway in March. That fair has been cancelled, so instead, we will be at the fair in Kristiansand, Norway, 24th to 26th of March 2023. If you happen to be in the area, we would love to meet you in person, so…

  • #13/23 Open workshop tonight about human robots

    #13/23 Open workshop tonight about human robots


    Tonight, Tuesday 14th of February, we will meet for our open workshop. We open the “doors” at 20:15 CET, and start at 20:30. Tonight’s topic is “Human robots”, and how and why we are restrained from acting as our true selves, and instead become slaves. We had a follow-up workshop for the course attendees Sunday,…

  • #12/23 An exercise for your new-found superpower

    #12/23 An exercise for your new-found superpower


    We had our first course last weekend, and it was a great experience. As one of our students put it: “Thank you for a fantastic course weekend. Lots of love. Can’t wait for the sequel. Thank you.” We can truly say that we feel the same way. We met in a small group, and although…

  • Saved my life


    What exactly is a trauma? Is it something we only get from great accidents, war, assault, or other overwhelming experiences? A trauma can be caused by nearly anything, and will vary from person to person. What is experienced as a trauma for one person might be shrugged off by another, not felt significantly intrusive. For…

  • #11/23 Welcome to Q&A workshop tonight, Tuesday

    #11/23 Welcome to Q&A workshop tonight, Tuesday


    We dedicate tonight’s workshop to your questions. A classic Q & A. No question too big or too small. It can bee questions regarding the INNATE method, a specific trauma or problem your might have, how you can help your child with a specific problem, what we did in the course this weekend, if you…

  • #10/23 No workshop tomorrow Sunday

    #10/23 No workshop tomorrow Sunday


    We have our first course, ‘Perceiving and quantifying’ this weekend, and so the Sunday workshop will be cancelled. We are exited about the class, and look forward to being able to submerge totally in the INNATE pool together with those of you who are joining.

  • #9/23 It’s never too late to panic

    #9/23 It’s never too late to panic


    As the headline says, it’s never too late to panic. This is a truth with modifications, though, if you want to participate in the first on-line course this weekend. The course is called ‘Perceiving and quantifying’, it will teach you the basics of telepathic trauma healing, and now is a good time to sign up.…

  • #8/23 O Conflict, Conflict, wherefore art thou, conflict?

    #8/23 O Conflict, Conflict, wherefore art thou, conflict?


    Luckily, few of us have to live the conflict that Juliet lived in the famous play. After the rather important and efficient workshop on conflicts last Tuesday, we will do another one on conflicts Sunday, but with a new outlook; solving the unsolvable conflict! So, if you weren’t there Tuesday, don’t despair. You also get…

  • #7/23 Workshop tonight, and first course start-up in February

    #7/23 Workshop tonight, and first course start-up in February


    Sunday, we had an interesting workshop, where we talked about the predictions for this year, for humanity and for each one of the participants. The workshop might have held some surprising elements for some of you, but the good part is that the soul and the body are more prepared now, for what is coming.…

  • #6/23 Did you forget to sign up for tonight’s English workshop?

    #6/23 Did you forget to sign up for tonight’s English workshop?


    Tonight, Sunday, we are having our first English workshop. We will be a small group, because we don’t have many sign-ups. Maybe you forgot to sign up? The direct link to the contact form is listed below, if you want to sign up as well. We start at 20.30 CET / UTC +1, and meet…

  • #5/23 Link for Norwegian workshop tonight, about traumas and detox

    #5/23 Link for Norwegian workshop tonight, about traumas and detox


    In tonight’s Norwegian workshop we will talk about how we can come to ourselves, and why this is not possible as long as we are as traumatized as most of us are. We meet at 20.30 CET, we start on time, and we look forward to seeing you all! f you are interested in knowing…

  • #4/23 English workshop start-up


    It is winter here, and the view from our living room window is absolutely breathtaking. (One day, we will do a weekend course here, and you can come see for yourselves!) Every day, we remind ourselves of how lucky we are. That we have each other. That we have a home. That we are able…

  • #3/23 They should teach the INNATE method in medical school


    We are about to start up our English workshop, but tonight, Tuesday, we will meet for the Norwegian workshop. We will talk about how releasing traumas in the body help healing so called chronic diseases. It is all connected. It is all one organism. By healing the soul, we heal the flesh. This is not…

  • #2/23 Shopping weekend and what we talked about last Tuesday


    Did you know that you can reserve your spot on our first course, ‘Perceiving and quantifying’? Did you also know that, if you cannot afford it, you can still join, no questions asked? We do this so that you won’t have to choose between your utility bill and the course, but can afford both. How…

  • #1/23 Workshop tonight on how to change your future


    Happy New Year, everyone! May the year 2023 be lacking in unsustainable and wasteful things, and plentiful in uplifting and future-building activities for all of us! If you haven’t decided on a new year resolution yet, we recommend that you set reachable goals, preferably something that you are already on your way to achieving, or…

  • #13/22 Link for tonight’s workshop on dreams


    Happy winter Tuesday, everyone, and welcome to our workshop tonight. We will be talking about how our subconscious mind communicates with our body through different channels, and what it might be trying to tell us. Because there is so much important knowledge to discuss regarding this topic, we will focus on one of the channels…

  • #12/22 Christmas is a great time to practice conflict solution


    First of all, thank you for a great Tuesday evening. It feels good to meet and work together with you on really important things. We are strong, and we can move what feels like mountains inside of us. Keep working, keep connecting, keep sharing. We will continue these workshops, and we have decided to meet…

  • #11/22 Feeling guilty is neither heroic nor sustainable


    You can listen to the next part of the book ‘Trauma is a thing of the past – Telepathy is the new black’ while waiting for tonight’s workshop. Watch it here, or go to our YouTube channel The INNATE one of you haven’t heard the first part yet.

  • #10/22 Solstice approaching and a bit more on conflicts


    Tuesday’s workshop on conflicts was yet another successful evening together, and we got to discuss several important things. We worked on the rather common issue with the struggle to be perfect and not allowing oneself to make mistakes or to be criticized, and also the conflicts we experience when we make unorthodox choices for ourselves…

  • #9/22 Workshop topic and extra section


    We will meet for a new workshop tonight, at 20.30 CET. Tonight’s topic is conflicts. With conflict we mean when you are in a situation where you have two or more choices, and you are unable to pick one of them, and therefore not able to move forward. We experience this every day, and some…

  • #8/22 Tuesday’s introduction and first part of the book


    Thank you to everyone who participated in last Tuesday’s workshop on relationships. It was a different workshop this time, with a more significant engagement, and more technical discussions. We love how the workshops are formed by those who participate, and this goes to show that every workshop is different, even if the concept is the…

  • #7/22 Homework for tonight’s workshop and the link for the session


    Tonight, we will be working on the topic ‘relationships’, and we will go over what needs to be in place for a relationship to work. To get the most out of the workshop, you can come prepared. Your homework for tonight is therefore that you think of an issue you might have in one of…

  • #6/22 Success story from our last workshop


    Tuesday marked the beginning of the School of the INNATE one. It was a brilliant start, and we were very pleased to see so many of you there. We started with a short introduction to what trauma is, and how telepathy plays an important part in both creating and dissolving them.

  • Hvorfor “telepatisk”?


  • Two small kittens


  • #5/22 A story from real life and a workshop link


    I recently took a short trip abroad, and had an experience in the plane that I thought I would share with you. The plane was close to fully booked, and the staff were busy during both take-off and landing, helping the ones needing help, and making sure everything went as smooth as possible. We know…

  • #4/22 Workshop topic and when, what and how


    The workshop start-up is only a couple of days away, and we have gathered some practical information for you, regarding when, what and how. Everyone who receives this newsletter will also receive a link to the session, and do feel free to share both the link and the newsletter with friends and family that you…

  • #3/22 Workshop information and background knowledge


    Questions regarding our workshop are now ticking in. We love to hear from you, so thank you! We will answer some of the questions here, and if you have any other questions for us, please feel free to contact us. The easy way is through the contact form on our web-page. The direct link is…

  • #2/22 Workshop start-up 29th November


    We are approaching the first free INNATE workshop, and we are getting pretty exited! We still have some work to do before we are ready to welcome you when we open the doors to the School of the INNATE one for the very first time, but we already feel pretty confident because the ground work…

  • # 1/22 School of the INNATE one—Telepathic trauma healing


    WE ARE SO EXITED to tell you that our School of the INNATE one is about to launch the first live Zoom workshop, and you are invited! Do you want to heal your own traumas in a pain free, thorough and safe way? Do you want to be able to heal your child’s trauma? Or…

  • Safer room for uncomfortable feelings


    I find conversations with Ole very constructive. He makes it easier and safer to feel uncomfortable feelings and old traumas. He helps me illuminate what needs to be worked on, at the same time he gives me good and useful ways to continue working on my own. Lise

  • My new normal


    I know that a ton of things were released today, old patterns were dismantled giving room for more light and love. Thank you for everything you give and share. I have felt a tremendous inner peace ever since I left. I feel still dizzy and a little shocked after everything that was redeemed. I’ll just…

  • Calmed my back pain


    My first meeting with Ole was in the beginning of 2021. My friend had spoken warmly of him, and I was very exited about meeting him. It so happened that a week before the meeting I had gotten a terrible pain in my lower back, and I didn’t understand how it had come about. I…

  • Child reconnected with passed away father


    My daughter lost her father in a car accident shortly before her sixth birthday, and the chock got stuck in her system. She has not been able to go into the pain to any great extent, but it haunts her, and it has gradually gotten worse. After a panic attack I contacted Ole Blente, who…