Saved my life


What exactly is a trauma?

Is it something we only get from great accidents, war, assault, or other overwhelming experiences?

A trauma can be caused by nearly anything, and will vary from person to person.

What is experienced as a trauma for one person might be shrugged off by another, not felt significantly intrusive.

For me, getting diagnosed with cancer was the last trauma in a series of traumas throughout my life.

Some of which have influenced me very strongly, and others less.

But getting cancer was for me very overwhelming.

Maybe it was because I was very close to dying soon after the operation, and maybe it was the whole experience of being so defenceless against what was lay before me.

The thought of my little daughter, who was only nine, maybe having to grow up without her mother scared me out of my wits. And I went into a deep depression after the treatment.

I got help. A lot of help. But no matter how kind and good the people I met were, something inside me remained unresolved.

Psychologists, physiotherapists, priest, doctors, nurses, coaches and so on, provided some relief. But “something” stuck.

Gradually, I got free of the grip of depression. But how come not everything let go?

Why did I feel like it was only on the surface things got sorted?

Whenever I have been stuck in life, I have always turned to the spiritual. To me, it has felt natural turning towards my faith and the supernatural when I have needed help. And it is in this debt that I have found peace, presence, healing and strength to endure and persevere when life has become excessively difficult.

In September of 2022, I was told that the cancer had returned, and had spread to the lungs. A cruel message that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone.

But with that message also came a new awareness. The awareness that I am in charge here. ME. Cancer or not—I will not die!

This was such a strong (and new-found) experience that actually over-shadowed the anxiety and sorrow that came with the bad news of the spread.

And thank God! It turned out a couple of months later that the doctors were wrong. I didn’t have cancer after all!!

Now, I could have chosen to be angry and frustrated with the system that had put me on a merry-go-round of unnecessary emotions.

But instead, I chose to take it as a sign that NOW, now was the time to turn fear and anxiety into something more constructive.

And as an answer to my prayers, the Universe sent me a man by the name of Ole Blente.

And Ole is not just anyone.

He is the author of the book “Trauma is a thing of the past – Telepathy is the new black”, and the man behind

To get rid of traumas is not something that is done within the realm of a single session. It requires effort and work.

I have worked intensively with Ole for nearly two months, and it hasn’t just been easy.

Some days I just felt like crawling under the covers. Other days I felt that NOW it’s enough with the digging. It doesn’t matter any more.

But the brilliant thing is that Ole has such a light, wise and understanding approach to both the human part of me that doesn’t want to continue, and at the same time he focuses on the spiritual part of me that actually wants and needs help.

For me, the traumas have gotten stuck in my physical body, after many years of anxiety and freeze/flight/fight response. Even if I cannot prove it, I know that the cancer came as a result of many years with several ongoing traumatizing incidents.

When the traumas have become so entrenched that they actually materializes in the body, one cannot expect to heal from a simple session. But still I feel that the healing process have been incredibly quick.

We have worked via zoom about two times per week, and only for about 30 to 60 minutes each time.

What Ole has taught me is first and foremost to become aware of what my body is actually telling me.

When you are sick, your thoughts will automatically go to the place where you hurt or have an illness. But mere thoughts do not dissolve or cure anything.

To the contrary, Ole has made me aware that attentive, loving, caring and purposeful presence might be the key that dissolves the traumas.

“Talking” to the body, and collaborating on its terms, doesn’t only give quick response, but also quick healing.

With psycho motor physiotherapy and other forms of trauma therapy a lot of the same can be achieved. But the fact that Ole adds the spiritual aspect in the process, and understands what happens from a holistic perspective, lifts the treatment to a whole new level.

I cannot praise Ole enough, and what he has done for me.

It feels like 10-15 years of work has been compressed into a couple of months considering the progression I have had.

To enter into such an intense form of treatment requires commitment, will, courage, and perseverance. Because many (myself included) will feel a natural reluctance towards going into what really hurts.

But, as you know, trolls crack in sunlight, and if you dare venture into the depths with the intention of healing, I can almost guarantee that healing will in fact happen. And luckily, everyone doesn’t have to work as intensely as I have.

So, if you are genuinely ready to let go of old traumas holding you back both consciously and unconsciously, dampening you own light and stopping you from experiencing good health and a prosperous life, I can warmly recommend Ole Blente.

Personally, it feels like this process has saved my life. ❤

Veronica Lindholm