Confronted with a problem, we tend to look in the toolbox we have, searching for tools we know and are familiar with. Even though we know for sure, they are of no use for this actual problem. Where else should we look anyways? For what else should we search? The mere thought of a zipper will not hold you skirt in place. For that you need a real one.

The tools and methods you don’t know of, that are not in your toolbox, they are not only outside your reach, they are very difficult to imagine.

This is very much the case when it comes to maintaining your health too. When you think the solution is in the healthcaresystem, that is where you will search, and the solutions of said system is what you get and eventurally choose from.

This site is meant to give you some very powerful tools – maybe the most powerful you will ever touch upon. We intend to lead you the whole way through, to a loving, thriving and happy state!

Why the INNATE one?

INNATE means something like «inborn». In the context of this site INNATE refers to abilities, with which we were born, but from which most of us Westeners have little clue. This site is there for you, to tell you about and make you remember what you once knew and mastered.

This is of great significance, because if you take the time to relearn, what actually any other species on this planet masters, then you will hesitate to surrender to specialists. From there on you will more and more be able and tend to take controll over your own life!

INNATE is a method developed to help people find peace in life – and especially in their body – and take care of their health with a minimum of money and effort. INNATE offers you education, support and guidance, that be 1-1 sessions face to face, chatting or video, courses and events.


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By referring you do by no means represent the owner of the copyrighted material. You can only represent the owner of the copyrighted material and the names assosiated with it as long as you can and do present adequate certificates.

Creator of this site

What empowered me to unfold these amazing tools was my own faulty life. My heritage wasn’t especially kingish. My father was a mechanic and my mother a housewife. They possessed nothing more than their own lives and what they needed from day to day. They were commoners, understood themselves as commoners and behaved as such. They gave me a good start in life as one too. That’s how we thought life was meant to be.

Where as my grandparents managed to live it, my parents too, sort of; I did not. Although I spend beautiful years with Bio Dynamic Farming, was educated as Waldorf School Teacher, had some sort of family wich was blessed by two lovely and earnest children, that now share with me the wish to make the World a better place, nothing really got my way.

I have allways been curious. I have allways wanted to understand contexts. What, why, how. I wanted to understand, how this life comes about. Strange changes, that seemingly made no sense flabbergasted me. And life gave me space. For long times I could withdraw, watch and ponder.

Hence I found myself wondering and searching all life to understand, what all the fuss about love and happiness has to it.

Well, I found a track that leads in that direction, a lot of loose threads are coming together in a simple, cruel, beautiful picture. It does not belong to me though. Thus I have to pass it on.

Now I have devoted my life to help other people understand: There is a way out of pain and agony. There is a way to peace and joy.

As I do not belong to the community of academics, I can not adorn my self with any doctors degree. I have no certificates og academic recommendations of any kind. I simply have me, my self and the experience of my life to offer you. This I give, with little limitations that is; take it or leave it!

This page and its content is for that purpose!

Yours Ole Blente

+47 942 55 403