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This groundbreaking and detailed knowledge gives you the power to become happy and healthy through systematic use of telepathic trauma healing.

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We are used to this world. It is like it is. We think this is how is has to be, simply because this is how it is. We take the benefits of a well functioning industrialized global supply chain system for granted and feel embarrassed if a train is 10 minutes delayed or the air condition is incapable of cooling the car quick enough in the scorching heat of summer.

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Are you ready for the rabbit hole?

Likewise however, we too take for granted stress and chronic illnesses, tensions and war, which are inevitable in a world driven by greed and competition, controlled by corrupt authorities, forced by psychopathic imperial powers.

But how is this possible? How could it come to such aggravating circumstances? In this book we will try to get under the cover of the structures of the civilized world. It will come as a big surprise to most people to which degree the powers that be actually control the course of history down to how each of us perceives even our own existence.

This will give you an understanding of our present situation from a historical as well as philosophical point of view—and actually a religious, in as much as political/economical structures like the Catholic Church call them selves religious— that has the potential to empower you to take an active role in the further development of our culture and the future of our species.

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Modern medicin does not know!

To most illnesses modern medical science states: we do not know!

How would you expect to get good advises from people, who themselves claim, they do not know and do not understand, how our body functions?

In actuality, the knowledge was out there for decades, yet this understanding has been suppressed. The simple answer as to why could be, that prescribing chemistry is rewarded generously, and so far the big masses have been happy to bring the car to the garage and the body to the physician: fix it!

Yet with the understanding of our biological being, the complexity of modern medicine is reduced to annoying dust. Likewise the pharmaceutical industrial complex can be sanitized over night, simply because chemistry only doubles the problems.


Surf or suffer

Everything we experiences has to be digested. Be it the dinner, an argument or a confrontation with terrorists. In order to stay healthy, we will have to relearn to navigate the sea of sensations with the goal to not get stuck or clogged up.

As the whole institutionalized system seems to be set up to prevent exactly this, we will have to relearn a lot of the simplest things in life.

From kindergarten and school life we had to stay in close proximity to the ones bullying us. In a natural environment one of the parts would simply withdraw to avoid the stress.

A first step is to pay attention to stressors in the surrounding. A next is to always act upon it, without hesitation. These two sentences alone may change your life from a pain to thriving happiness.


Clean your brain

We live in the age of digital information. We can know about an earth quake thousand miles away. Yet what we know about ourselves is lamingly little. Hence some reeducation will have to take place in order to prepare the body for a happy life.


I. Introduction

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Groundbreaking and detailed knowledge that gives you the power to become happy and healthy through systematic use of telepathic trauma healing.


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Groundbreaking and detailed knowledge that gives you the power to become happy and healthy through systematic use of telepathic trauma healing.

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