The cornerstones of the INNATE method:

  • The understanding of trauma derives to a large extent from the stress theory, developed and carried forward by prominent researchers like Béchamp, Selye, Coleman and Hamer.
  • Access to the subconscious bridges gaps in conscious memory and is not limited by time or space.
  • A systematic approach, supported by rigid protocols, ensures the quality of the work.
  • Focused, loving intentional attention is the healing power.

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Questions and answers

Any creature out in the wild knows how to sustain a healthy and happy life. The blackbird does not shiver all day long even though its tiny body is coveted by cats, weasels, snakes, falcons and what have you. Against these predators it has hardly any weapons. Nevertheless, it saturates and manifests life with its beautiful voice whenever possible.
We humans can too. It is our birthright. Inherited and innate. Yet, we have to take responsibility and claim it.
If we were hurt AT some point, we might not be able to enjoy life. Joy cannot willfully be claimed. You cannot do it by force. You cannot really start living until the damage is undone. Until that happens, your life is on hold. Like in a coldstore.
Many people know of nothing else and think the coldstore is life. It is not. We offer you a door out!

What is the INNATE method?

The INNATE method is a way to take responsibility and claim our inherited and innate birthright to manifest life in the most beautiful way possible. It is rather simple. It does so by clearing life-inhibiting subconscious messages and teaching us how to live without creating new ones.

How are life-inhibiting subconscious messages created?

Nobody wants to loose control. And yet, it happens all the time. Something comes at us too soon, is too big, or occurs too often. For such events, our subconscious creates programs in order for it to never happen again.

If, for example, your feet slipped on the wet roof and you fell and landed in the nettles, your subconsciousness would try to keep you on the ground. You will feel uncomfortable each time you think of the roof.

How are these programs life-inhibiting?

These programs are life-inhibiting in several ways. For one, feeling uncomfortable climbing the roof may become a problem when the roof needs repair. The programs themselves may hold you back from doing what is needed, even when the roof it is totally dry.

Also, keeping these life-preserving security programs running, demands attention and drains energy that was intended for health and happiness.

With a running program, your body is constantly on guard. It is stressed. You cannot really be stressed and thrive at the same time. Biologically, it is either or. Stress is a state of emergency as opposed to life itself. Repair and healing is impaired and the body will slowly come to a halt.

How does the INNATE method work?

The INNATE method tracks these subconscious programs. They will either dissolve when the subconscious understands that the emergency is over, or they will expose conflicts you will have to deal with. Like ‘you hate your job, but are addicted to the money.’

This means that healing is not dependent on conscious memory or bravery. Because your subconscious only has one major objective—to secure and sustain life—it more than happily opens up and lets you clear off these programs.

How does it differ from other healing methods?

The INNATE method combines in a unique way telepathic communication beyond time and space with rigid methodical protocols to access the events behind the issues.

Utilizing the incorrupted science of the stress theory, initiated by Hans Selye in the 1940s, proven and refined recently by Lewis S. Coleman (, secures a high degree of lasting results.

What can you achieve with the INNATE method?

Basically all chronic illnesses and all psychological issues originate in unrelieved stress and trauma. Consequently this is all accessible with the INNATE method.

Most importantly you will be able to take control over your karma. With the INNATE method you can detect the conflicts that have haunted you through lifetimes and break the spell by dissolving the conflicts.

Yet, little happens until you start doing it. You will have to trust that it is now possible, that you can start living. More so, you need to do it. Now. Otherwise little happens.

What cannot be achieved with the INNATE method?

When the blackbird survives an attack from the hawk, it will shiver and shake the fear off as soon as possible, and then start singing again. Living, that is. If you lived a long life in stress, organs may have deteriorated to a degree where recovery is no longer possible. Yet, as long as there is life, there is hope. Although the INNATE method does not let you regrow a missing limb, it may open up to a thriving and happy life.

Is the subconscious the source of all issues?

No, the Source is rather how you met the obstacles in life. The subconscious only takes over when you fail. Therefore, learning to deal with the impacts of life is an important part of the INNATE method.

What about food and environmental impacts?

Both food and environment is very important, and living in the countryside, eating your own home grown food would be a good choice.

Yet, we see our pets live with their humans on third floor, eating processed food, too seldom out for a walk, passively smoking 24-7 and still going strong for years. How do they do it? What is the difference?

The simple answer is that the more life-inhibiting programs and the more stress, the less resilient your body will be under the influence of bad food habits and toxic environment.

Sadly, most of us are not able to really take control of food and environmental influences. Therefore, the simplest, cheapest and most effective solution is to become as good as or even better than our pets.

Who will benefit?

You will. If you accept that shut doors can be opened, and that you will have to walk through those doors yourself, willing to re-learn living, despite your life experience and nominal age. We are here holding and supporting you as you move forward, and if you let us do that, you may soon be able to enjoy a happy and thriving life with your INNATE abilities.


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