Single healing session

A single session could be good to pinpoint a certain problem, to get guidance on a single conflict you experience, or to get guidance on how to move forward with a specific problem you are working on yourself.

What is a single session?

A 45 minute online session uniquely designed on your demand. It may help you in a decision process, ease a relationship or a chronic condition.

You can present a problem when you book your session, or stay stay certain that the most important issue of your life will present itself during the session.

If you know already that you will want more than one session, you will save money and energy by signing up for a sessions course!

What about children?

For children and teenagers, sessions may be offered through a parent and given without the child’s expressed consent.

With growing self-awareness and self-responsibility, the need for expressed consent increases.


The goal is always to heal old traumas and become healthy and happy. Eventually most people will want to learn at least some aspects of the INNATE method in order to maintain their new happy and thriving life.

If you want to transform your life for good, and are ready for the commitment, a session course is the thing. You can read more about that here.


Adult: 90$ / 90€ / 900 NOK

Child: 60$ / 60€ / 600 NOK