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to help understand your own past lives for better to heal traumas and deal with what ever struggles you might have in your current life.

Are you on the lookout for a tool to help you navigate through troubled times, and are you curious to finding out more about how traumas from this life and previous lives affect you and the choices you make?

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Karmic Report Q&A

What is the purpose of a Karmic Report

The main purpose of a Karmic Report is to find the obstacles that prevents the person from gaining access to a thriving life in joy and freedom.

The report paints a picture of what the soul has been striving with during the last few lives, and makes you understand the troubling hows and whys of your life up until now.

With the Karmic Report you will be able to set course in your life and maneuver safely through troubled waters.

What is a Karmic Report

The Report identifies and describes major, devastating events and how they unconsciously monitor and overshadow every aspect of a person’s life.

When such events influences multiple lifetimes, it is called ‘karma‘.

The report sheds light on what made the initial karmic event possible, and on the aftermath in the following lives.

The report also indicates where in this process the person is and how it most likely will play out in this life.

Finally, a Karmic Report offers measures to consciously work off the karmic load, and thus re-find freedom.

Who can order a Karmic Report

Anybody can order a Karmic Report made for themselves

You can even order one for:

  • Persons in your care
  • Loved ones who have passed away
  • Historical persons

Who will benefit from a Karmic Report

If you find yourself trapped in life-restricting and unwanted, repetitive patterns, and you wonder why, you will definitely get an important piece of the puzzle with a Karmic Archaeology Report from the INNATE one.

Especially so if you’re curious, and you want to do something about it.

If all this rings true, and you take our report seriously, you will get lifetimes of lessons in only a matter of months.

The scientific background

There are simple, documented and well understood principles as to why we get trapped in life-restricting and unwanted, repetitive patterns. Our society, however, tends to avoid the knowledge and rather stick with superstitious terms like ‘fate’, ‘God’s revenge’ or the like.

The principle behind our misery is easily explained: If we—when confronted with a threat—cannot fight or flee, subconsciously a program is created in order to prevent this from happening again. Confronted with a similar situation, subconsciously this program takes over. We speak of psychological trauma and diagnoses like PTSD and ADHD.

Such programs sets off before you know of it. They are a main ingredient in soap operas.

A soap opera style example

A couple sits in their living room.

She: Mom invited us to dinner.

He: After how she offended me?

She: I hate when you criticize my mom!

She leaves the room crying.

Even when you love each other, with unconscious programs running, you will unintentionally hurt each other again and again.

What does a Karmic Report reveal

A Karmic Report will reveal significant pre-programmed security measures that inhibit your life and performance at every level; social, career, relational and spiritual.

The Karmic Report then tracks these programs back to their origin, to what ever brought you to a halt.

Some of these programs may originate in dramatic events from your conscious life, like abuse, accidents or the loss of a loved one.

Other such programs originate in events dating back from early childhood or even pre-birth. These traumas are difficult to reach with most commonly used measures. This is where our Karmic Archaeology Report excels.

The take-away is an understanding that lets you work off the karmic load in high speed.

What does a Karmic Report look like

A Karmic Report entails a list of the most prevalent traumas from this and previous lives.

The post lives that are involved will be described with their frame features, such as social- and familiar status, when in life the trauma(s) occurred, which persons were involved, how the trauma(s) spill over into this life, and the like.

There is a drawback here, however. To the body and the soul, there are only perceptions and feelings. To the reflecting, thinking mind this is not satisfactory. Therefore, a Karmic Report will try to dress these perceptions and feelings in adequate physical events.

There will be no mentioning of traceable historical data, nor names.

Are all my previous lives mentioned in the Karmic Report

Arguably all life share a common ancestral origin. Therefore, in some respect, most of us will have lived endless lives. Yet, only a few of these lives will be mentioned in the Karmic Report, namely those who highly impact and control this current life!

So, if you already know about a previous life, don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t appear in the Karmic Report. Most lives will not!

What is the next step

Instead of continuing to suffer under your karmic load, with the help of the INNATE method, you can work it off at high speed.

As you make your way through, and wipe off old detrimental programs, your ability to act and utilize windows of opportunities will increase dramatically. You will experience life more juicy and have more fun!

There are several ways to get going:

  • Use the free resources here
  • Read the book ”Trauma is a thing of the past”. You get it here
  • Work your way through the classes here
  • Buy a treatment session here
  • Invest in a treatment course here

What is needed to obtain a Karmic Report

Order a Karmic Report from our shop.

Customer Service will ask you for a picture or alternatively some words about your life, that will serve as identification.

How do I receive my own personal Karmic Report

You will receive the Karmic Archaeology Report as a pdf-file at the email address you use when you place your order.