Treatment course

A treatment course is the preferred way to work on a problem or a condition to ensure long time results. You can choose between 1 or 2 sessions per week for 5 weeks, or 2 sessions per week for 8 weeks.

What is a treatment course?

In each session you will meet the therapist face to face for 45 minutes, online. The sessions are uniquely designed on your demand, suited for where you are at the current moment. When you book, you describe your problem in short, and your desired outcome of the sessions.

A single session may help you pinpoint a certain problem or get guidance on a specific conflict or problem. However, if you want to transform your life and do it now, a course of treatment sessions is the thing! Step by step we will mold your new happy and thriving life, out of the past.

Every course is different.

Where you focus and how far you intend to go, is totally up to you.

We acknowledge that everyone’s path is unique.

We are here to make it happen!

How can i know a treatment course is right for me?

  • If you are stressed, tired, anxious, depressed, powerless or burned out and want to do something about it
  • If you tried everything and nothing really worked
  • If your life does not work out for you, regardless how hard you work
  • If you are willing to take responsibility for your life
  • If you want to become in charge of your own destiny

Where can I get help in the decision process?

  • Take a single treatment session, learn and get the answers you need
  • Read the testimonials about the transformations others have experienced
  • Listen to our online video lectures on one of our channels
  • Take a course and get access to some of the techniques quickly
  • Buy the book and study the basics on your own

What is achievable with a treatment course?

  • Heal any old trauma, even from pre-birth and past lives
  • Solve everyday conflicts on the fly
  • Take control over your future and gain freedom
  • Maintain your new happy and thriving life

If you primarily want to learn the INNATE method, maybe teaching sessions is the right thing for you. Learn more here!

What about children?

For children and teenagers, sessions may be offered through a parent and given without the child’s expressed consent.

With growing self-awareness and self-responsibility, the need for expressed consent increases.

Prices for treatment courses

1 session per week for 5 weeks / 5 sessions: 350$ / 350€ / 3500 NOK

2 session per week for 5 weeks / 10 sessions: 600$ / 600€ / 6000 NOK

2 session per week for 8 weeks / 16 sessions: 800$ / 800€ / 8000 NOK