Telepathic trauma healing

The INNATE method:

– Claim responsibility for your body and your health

– Learn how to live without conflict

– Stay in touch regardless of time and space

Groundbreaking and detailed knowledge gives you the power to become happy and healthy through systematic use of telepathic trauma healing.

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Once a month the School of the INNATE one hosts this workshop to anyone for free. Read more:

Courses on the INNATE method

The School of the INNATE one offers to lead you the whole way into the INNATE method. Through our series of courses you will get access to powerful tools that let you transform your life.

You will learn how:
  • to go back in time and heal old traumas
  • to overcome unresolved conflicts
  • to solve conflicts on the fly
  • the way you solve conflicts determines health and happiness
  • to help anybody do the exact same thing

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We offer different kinds of sessions: Healing, counseling, as well as teaching. Read more here:

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Piece by piece the book will be published in a playlist on Youtube. Make sure to subscribe to the chanel in order to stay tuned!

Read more in the book

The basis to understanding the INNATE method is to be found in the book:

“Trauma is a thing of the past. Telepathy is the new black”.

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Surf your karma or suffer trauma!

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