Remove stress completely!

The INNATE methode let´s you create - not search for - inner peace with edge sharp precicion. The cat on the picture is totally relaxed. You can do likewise. And you do not need the lotus position, meditation or ayahuasca! Learn the few very important steps to take control over your own health!
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Child-parent connection

Even brief separations can impair the brain development of a young child or infant. When children are separated from their parents, what happens to the brain of the child? Even very brief separations are stressful to infants and young children. In the first few minutes our sympathetic ...

Basics on trauma

When an incident is too much, too soon or too often, we have to avoid the consequences, thus we displace it. We call it trauma. In order to understand the amazing survival techniques of the body we need to study some aspects of the development of man. In simple terms we can say, that all ...



Imagine all the money I could have saved, if I had been freed from my traumas earlier! It is so releaving to just buy, what I need and that´s it. Nancy

Walking disability

In our family it is common, that the vessels clog, especially in the legs, making it difficult to walk more than a minute or so. Now it happened to me too! But after a week with INNATE I am going strong again with no pains. William

Like smoking weed

With some few minutes of concentration I can now create an incredible calmness i every single cell. Previously I only experienced this, when I smoked weed. Now I don´t need the stuff any more! Astrid

Out of depression

It is now 6 month that I have worked with INNATE. My depression is withered away and I know, I will be able to keep my job and sustain my family. John

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