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and get in charge of your own destiny.

“… So, if you are genuinely ready to let go of old traumas holding you back both consciously and unconsciously, dampening you own light and stopping you from experiencing
good health and a prosperous life, I can warmly recommend Ole Blente.

Personally, it feels like this process has saved my life.”

Client, Session course
Get tips and trick on how to solve traumas, become aware of unhealthy patterns, your relationship with other people, on how to set and reach life goals and much, much more.
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Online healing sessions available!

Check out our different sessions and find the one that suits your needs.

From our successful attendance at the alternative health fair in the spring of 2023, where we also offered shorter treatment sessions for the visitors to book on-site.
Usually these sessions take place on-line so that you can work with us independently of where in the world you are located.

“I find conversations with Ole very constructive. He makes it easier and safer to feel uncomfortable feelings and old traumas. He helps me illuminate what needs to be worked on, at the same time he gives me good and useful ways to continue working on my own.”

Client, Single sessions

Groundbreaking knowledge in a sophisticated and humorous wrapping

Background information on how traumas occur, both in a historical aspect as well as a physical and spiritual aspect. This groundbreaking and detailed knowledge gives you the power to become happy and healthy through systematic use of telepathic trauma healing.

This book is a game-changer

that there is a mystery out there for me, if I am willing to be brave enough to press passed the fear and the uncertainty, and press into this idea that I can actually experience life in a much fuller way, and not be overwhelmed by it.

Class participant, Level #1 – day 1

Feel stuck?

A private session with trauma therapist Ole Blente can get you to get out of the backwater and help you find your way back to your path.

Our goal is always to help you help yourself, but sometimes we need that redeeming gentle push to help us get the needed surplus to start the work.

I must say I’m mind-blown by what we have accomplished in this short amount of time. To the point I’m getting goose bumps. It’s been fantastic. I am very grateful to be here, and I am really looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow.”

Class participant, Level #1 – day 1

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Here, you can watch an exercise that we did in one of our free workshops. It is a simple but very powerful exercise that you can do whenever you need to come to yourself, or to calm and see the world through clear eyes.

Repeat when needed.