Trauma is a thing of the past!

With the INNATE method you better your chances of succeeding in creating the best life for yourself and those close to you. The tools we offer are many and diverse. The different resources are here to make sure you have what it takes to succeed in your quest of taking charge of your life, get rid of lifetimes of trauma, and better the chances of your self and your children to succeed in this current life.

Online healing sessions

  • Pick a single session to pinpoint a problem.
  • Or choose a session course to dig deep into your long time problem, and solve it.
  • You meet with the teacher online, where you work with the INNATE protocols to deal with your trauma.
  • These sessions are real work, because talking will not solve your problems.

Online courses

  • Up your game with the ‘Next Level Resilience’ course.
  • Packed with ground-breaking exercises and knowledge.
  • Life-time access for thorough implementation.
  • Free mini course to get you started.

The science behind the method

  • The science in a clever and humorous wrapping.
  • With a historical aspects to better grasp how and why.
  • Basic INNATE protocols with practical knowledge.
  • Paperback or PDF to suit your needs.

A passion for healing trauma

We know that each individual needs to find his or her own way when we decide to change our life. Therefore, we offer several different approaches on how to heal. You might pick one favorite, or choose to combine two or more.

Online courses

A range of courses to help you enhance your experience here on Earth and help you get out of trauma and into the position of boss of your own life.


The book ‘Trauma is a thing of the past – telepathy is the new black’ gives you the scientific, historic and therapeutic background to help you pinpoint your problems and get you started on the real healing journey.

Healing sessions

We offer single sessions and session courses to help you solve your traumas and provide you with tools to continue the healing journey on your own.

Video lectures

Videos with lectures explaining in a simple, easy accessible way the science behind how traumas occur, and how we release them.

Karmic Archaeology Report

Get your own report revealing the thread of this life and the previous lives, with re-occurring traumas, how you got where you are today, and what you need to do to be free of old karma.

Teaching sessions

One-on-one teaching sessions with the teacher, where you meet on-line to learn how to heal own traumas, and those of our family and friends.

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