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This course is the first section of the course “Next Level Resilience” The course Next Level Resilience entails crucial knowledge about how our physical health and happiness to a high degree is dependent on the way our society is organized and how we—mostly unconsciously—rely on and react to it. However, as knowledge is not enough,…



Are you missing the shift?

Influencers, you know? They bring light into our gray, life-depleated everyday life. How come they always smile and laugh? They are always so perfectly beautiful! Seemingly they pour success out of their sleeves anytime they want and with whatever they want.

But, first and foremost, they influence us. Hence the name. Influencer. On what to eat. What to wear. Make up. Clothing. How to make love. How to make money. How to become rich. And last, but not least: how to become famous, young, beautiful, strong, wealthy, healthy, happy influencers ourselves.

Obviously—and rightly so—young people admire those who succeed in life. Becoming rich and beautiful seems like a track to follow, right?

And if you are not that young anymore, or find that no amount of breast- and facelifting can enhance the illusion of youthful beauty, there still is the high number of followers and wealth to pursue.

For the majority of us, however, to become a rich and beautiful influencer is out of reach. As the years pass, what are we left with? A bitter life, alone in a one bedroom “mansion” and an old, battered car? Maybe our influencers missed on a few points?

The world is changing. Quickly. What you yesterday thought was rock solid, can be gone tomorrow. With no trace left but some faint memories.

People you love may disappear out of your life. A storm erodes your land and washes away your house. If you did not prepare for said uncertainty, you are less likely to handle it. More likely to become overwhelmed, give up and become wiped away like goods from yesterday.

In this uncertain world, there are some things that are certain. Most likely it is not your youthful beauty, nor your wealth. It is rather about what you are, the skills you have learned, how you behave in an upcoming storm.

Will the coming changes be for the better? It may depend on the society, on your friends and family. But it most certainly will depend on you. Will you be able to benefit from these changes? Will you be able to utilize them, and to ride the upcoming wave?

This course is for those who want to take self-responsibility. For those who seek to gain the inner strength that may make the difference between making it and not.

This is not just some tools. This is another way of living. This will change the way you perceive yourself.

As a benefit, mastering the skills in this course will help you harmonize your everyday life and bring more thriving happiness and prosperity into your life. It is about how to live each moment to its fullest potential, and it therefore plays a crucial role in the quality of your life in the long run.


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