As social/biological beings, there are two states to consider: Living and not living. That is: Loving or not loving. Because only loving is living. Lack of love means lack of life. Maybe this is why L*VING and L*VING are spoken and written almost equal.

Your life is on hold!

If you feel burdened, your life is on hold until your problem is solved.

In a session, we identify a cause of your problem and heal it. A cause is an experience from the past that was overwhelming. There was no way to master the situation. Your life is on hold until the problem is solved.

Because telepathy reaches beyond time and space, we can heal past and even forgotten experiences by giving your person the love and security it lacked back then, and that it needs to once again experience happiness.

Before you book a session

Be aware that asking somebody to do the job for you is tempting. It may help you get the surplus needed to overcome a hurdle. If the surplus is not utilized to strengthen yourself, the next hurdle will be as bad, or even worse.

The only sustainable solution, therefore, is to start learning; to practice and do what is needed, all on your own. Well, we actually offer you a softer and more comfortable path; join our weekly workshop and learn at your own pace to let go of pain!

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Sessions for children and teenagers

For children and teenagers, sessions are offered through a parent and may be given without the child’s expressed consent.

With growing self-awareness and self-responsibility, the need for expressed consent increases.

Use the contact form if you want to book a session with the practitioner. Write a description of the child and, of the problem you experience in a few words.

Describe the wished-for changes and what you expect from this session.

1-1 Teaching

For those of you who are already on your way with the INNATE method, we offer 1-1 teaching sessions. Whereas other sessions aim at solving your problems and issues, the purpose of a teaching session is to teach you how to do the work yourself.


Most problems in life boil down to a conflict: right or left? Buy or sell? Stay or leave? Regardless the problem in question, we can work out what is your real goal, and what hinders you in achieving it. We can shed light on the outside world, be it things or fellow beings, and to some extent harmonize your actions in a way that, in the long run, better suits all parties involved.


Do you feel alone and that somehow you cannot succeed in a relationship? Does your loved one turn their back on you or even betray you?

In a session, we will search for and find reasons why this is felt so, and said reasons may be harmonized. Likewise, we will be able to level some of the obstacles that hinders the two of you to join.


Most of us will eventually suffer from some kind of permanent issue and pain that restricts a happy life. The simple answer as to why that is, is the often long forgotten yet unresolved conflicts that we also called traumas.

A telepathic approach will reveal traumas from way back in your life, experiences you did not know; that you had been able to forget. For instance in mother’s womb. We utilize the way back machine and speak with the unborn child, and with mother and father as well. We bring in what lacked back then. With our focused, loving intentional attention we heal life and bring it back into a thriving and happy state.

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Warning about healing sessions

  • Healing sessions are used as means to balance so called psychological traumas irrespective of physical issues.
  • The sessions are supposed to ease psychological conditions.
  • These sessions are understood as healing.
  • Healing is considered superstition by modern physicians.
  • By no means should superstitious healing substitute or compete with chemical compounds, surgery or nuclear radiation.

Warning about other sessions

  • Ideas and information that you may perceive through sessions are for your information only. Whatever actions you take, inspired here from, is fully your responsibility.
  • Nothing said or transmitted should be understood as advise, because it would undermine your self-responsibility. This would, in itself, create such conflicts that the INNATE work intends to dissolve.
  • The purpose of all the activities of INNATE is to give tools that enable you to gain knowledge and establish self confidence that empowers and enhances the ability to make sound decisions and solve conflicts on the fly.
  • The INNATE team has no formal competence or education, no official registration or authorization except for tax, and cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience, inappropriate effects or injury you may experience or suffer from.
  • All participation is completely at your own risk. It is your responsibility to talk to your doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist and/or others if you are undergoing treatment, have a mental diagnosis, suffer from anxiety or even experience inappropriate effects mediated by INNATE.
  • Many issues brought to the table during sessions relate to other people. Expressions, assessments, statements describing these relations cannot and should not be understood as describing these persons themselves. The INNATE team does not know these persons, do not qualify for any expression describing or even judging them. What is said during these sessions is primarily about your perception, whence it ca not and should not be part of arguments or even lawsuits. Under no circumstances can INNATE be held accountable for consequences hereof.