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Single session

A single session could be good to pinpoint a certain problem, get guidance on a single conflict you experience, or how to move forward with a specific problem you are working on yourself.

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Session course

A session course is the preferred way to work on a problem or a condition to ensure lasting results. You can choose between 1 or 2 sessions per week for 5 weeks, or 2 sessions per week for 8 weeks.

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We offer our sessions in English, German, Danish and Norwegian.

Sessions for children and teenagers

For children and teenagers, sessions may be offered through a parent and given without the child’s expressed consent.

With growing self-awareness and self-responsibility, the need for expressed consent increases.


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  • Norway only: Vipps: 942 55 403
  • Bank transfer: BN Bank, account 9230 34 63285, IBAN NO6392303463285, BIC/SWIFT KBNONO22

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Warning about treatment sessions

  • Treatment sessions are used as means to balance so called psychological traumas irrespective of physical issues.
  • The sessions are supposed to ease psychological conditions.
  • These sessions are understood as healing.
  • Healing is considered superstition by modern physicians.
  • By no means should superstitious healing substitute or compete with chemical compounds, surgery or nuclear radiation.

Warning about all sessions

  • Ideas and information that you may perceive through sessions are for your information only. Whatever actions you take, inspired here from, is fully your responsibility.
  • Nothing said or transmitted should be understood as advise, because it would undermine your self-responsibility. This would, in itself, create such conflicts that the INNATE work intends to dissolve.
  • The purpose of all the activities of INNATE is to give tools that enable you to gain knowledge and establish self confidence that empowers and enhances the ability to make sound decisions and solve conflicts on the fly.
  • The INNATE team has no formal competence or education, no official registration or authorization except for tax, and cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience, inappropriate effects or injury you may experience or suffer from.
  • All participation is completely at your own risk. It is your responsibility to talk to your doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist and/or others if you are undergoing treatment, have a mental diagnosis, suffer from anxiety or even experience inappropriate effects mediated by INNATE.
  • Many issues brought to the table during sessions relate to other people. Expressions, assessments, statements describing these relations cannot and should not be understood as describing these persons themselves. The INNATE team does not know these persons, do not qualify for any expression describing or even judging them. What is said during these sessions is primarily about your perception, whence it ca not and should not be part of arguments or even lawsuits. Under no circumstances can INNATE be held accountable for consequences hereof.