#4/23 English workshop start-up


It is winter here, and the view from our living room window is absolutely breathtaking. (One day, we will do a weekend course here, and you can come see for yourselves!) Every day, we remind ourselves of how lucky we are. That we have each other. That we have a home. That we are able to do what we want, and to spend the days the way we choose. Yesterday, we decided to turn off the water heater, because the electricity is so expensive. We will heat the water we need on the wood stove instead. This is a rather new situation for one of us, and not completely new for the other. But we are willing to make changes like this without feeling that we miss out on anything. We are willing to adapt to the uncertain world around us, to a certain degree. The things we don’t welcome in our lives, we leave behind. Like the busy, dirty cities, for instance. And conflicts. It is not easy all the time, but it is definitely worth it.

We had an interesting Norwegian workshop last Tuesday, where we worked on our physical body, and our breathing in particular. We experienced good effect from the work on the diaphragm, that we did individually. It feels so good to see those of you who have been with us since the start in November, start to get a hang of the technique, even if we haven’t started the regular courses yet.

We will publish the introduction from that workshop, as we usually do, and you can watch or re-watch it on one of our channels. You find the different links below. It will be subtitled in English, for those of you who aren’t fluent in Norwegian.

The English workshop will start up Sunday Jan 22nd, at 20:30 CET / UTC+1. We will send out the link to the meeting later. We will continue with the Norwegian workshops on Tuesday evenings as well. Check out a time zone map if you are unsure of when this is in your time zone. A link to such a map is listed below.

We are also ready to receive your sign-up for the first course. There will be courses in English and Norwegian. Day and time for the courses will be announced soon. We gladly receive your preferred weekday and time of day in the message field in the contact form, so that we can accommodate as many of you as possible. So, get your preferred subscription deal in our shop, sign up for the course in the language of your choice, and you are ready! If you get your subscription before we start the course, we will activate it as soon as the course starts. We meet once a week, for approximately an hour and a half, for about eight weeks. Where the workshops are open for everyone, the course is a closed class, for those who have signed up only. It is important that you show up every week, and there will also be assigned homework in forms of exercises. Read more on our web-page. See link below.

We look forward to welcome you, and to share your path of learning the INNATE method. It is such a wonderful excuse to give love to yourself and those around you. We promise that you will get more than a simple healing tool from joining The school of the INNATE one.

Warm greetings to you all!

Ole and Linda

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If you are uncertain of what time the class is, your time, this map might help: https://www.timeanddate.com/time/map/

Read about the first course here: https://www.innate.one/courses/1-perceiving-and-quantifying/

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