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#4/23 English workshop start-up

It is winter here, and the view from our living room window is absolutely breathtaking. (One day, we will do a weekend course here, and you can come see for yourselves!) Every day, we remind ourselves of how lucky we are. That we have each other. That we have a home. That we are able to do what we want, and to spend the days the way we choose. Yesterday, we decided to turn off the water heater, because the electricity is so expensive. We will heat the water we need on the wood stove instead. This is a rather new situation for one of us, and not completely new for the other. But we are willing to make changes like this without feeling that we miss out on anything. We are willing to adapt to the uncertain world around us, to a certain degree. The things we don’t welcome in our lives, we leave behind. Like the busy, dirty cities, for instance. And conflicts. It is not easy all the time, but it is definitely worth it.

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#3/23 They should teach the INNATE method in medical school

We are about to start up our English workshop, but tonight, Tuesday, we will meet for the Norwegian workshop. We will talk about how releasing traumas in the body help healing so called chronic diseases. It is all connected. It is all one organism. By healing the soul, we heal the flesh.

This is not new knowledge. It is science backed by a part of the scientific community that we rarely are allowed to hear from. They are silenced, and their work discredited. This story goes all the way back to Pasteur and Béchamp, and probably even further.

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#1/23 Workshop tonight on how to change your future

Happy New Year, everyone! May the year 2023 be lacking in unsustainable and wasteful things, and plentiful in uplifting and future-building activities for all of us! If you haven’t decided on a new year resolution yet, we recommend that you set reachable goals, preferably something that you are already on your way to achieving, or at least have noticed that you want to put energy into to changing. That way, you increase your chances of succeeding, and setting yourself up for success is way healthier than setting yourself up for failure.

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#13/22 Link for tonight’s workshop on dreams

Happy winter Tuesday, everyone, and welcome to our workshop tonight. We will be talking about how our subconscious mind communicates with our body through different channels, and what it might be trying to tell us. Because there is so much important knowledge to discuss regarding this topic, we will focus on one of the channels of communication tonight; dreams.

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#9/22 Workshop topic and extra section

We will meet for a new workshop tonight, at 20.30 CET. Tonight’s topic is conflicts. With conflict we mean when you are in a situation where you have two or more choices, and you are unable to pick one of them, and therefore not able to move forward. We experience this every day, and some conflicts are big, others small. You can prepare for tonight by visualizing a conflict you are experiencing these days. What are the two (or more) choices you have, and what is keeping you from choosing? You might want to write your thoughts and observations down on a piece of paper, or at least make a clear visualisation of what the conflict consists of before we meet tonight.

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#8/22 Tuesday’s introduction and first part of the book

Thank you to everyone who participated in last Tuesday’s workshop on relationships. It was a different workshop this time, with a more significant engagement, and more technical discussions. We love how the workshops are formed by those who participate, and this goes to show that every workshop is different, even if the concept is the same every Tuesday. Next workshop is in three days, and you can sign up now, if you already know you want to join us.

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#7/22 Homework for tonight’s workshop and the link for the session

Tonight, we will be working on the topic ‘relationships’, and we will go over what needs to be in place for a relationship to work. To get the most out of the workshop, you can come prepared. Your homework for tonight is therefore that you think of an issue you might have in one of your relationships, or a problem someone close to you has. It can be a small or a big problem, and you don’t have to tell anyone about it. Just make a note of it. To put it down on a piece of paper might be a good idea. If you can’t think of anything, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have any issues. You might be inspired by the introduction, or by your fellow students, and realize that there is something to work on after all.

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