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  • #20/23 Out of beta

    #20/23 Out of beta


    Forage your way out of beta Many of us spend our days in beta, living like there is no ‘now’. Only tomorrow, next year, next holiday, next weekend, tonight, next degree, next meal… I’m sure you get the picture I’m trying to paint here. One side of this way of living is (probably) based on…

  • #13/23 Open workshop tonight about human robots

    #13/23 Open workshop tonight about human robots


    Tonight, Tuesday 14th of February, we will meet for our open workshop. We open the “doors” at 20:15 CET, and start at 20:30. Tonight’s topic is “Human robots”, and how and why we are restrained from acting as our true selves, and instead become slaves. We had a follow-up workshop for the course attendees Sunday,…

  • #12/23 An exercise for your new-found superpower

    #12/23 An exercise for your new-found superpower


    We had our first course last weekend, and it was a great experience. As one of our students put it: “Thank you for a fantastic course weekend. Lots of love. Can’t wait for the sequel. Thank you.” We can truly say that we feel the same way. We met in a small group, and although…

  • #10/23 No workshop tomorrow Sunday

    #10/23 No workshop tomorrow Sunday


    We have our first course, ‘Perceiving and quantifying’ this weekend, and so the Sunday workshop will be cancelled. We are exited about the class, and look forward to being able to submerge totally in the INNATE pool together with those of you who are joining.

  • #9/23 It’s never too late to panic

    #9/23 It’s never too late to panic


    As the headline says, it’s never too late to panic. This is a truth with modifications, though, if you want to participate in the first on-line course this weekend. The course is called ‘Perceiving and quantifying’, it will teach you the basics of telepathic trauma healing, and now is a good time to sign up.…

  • #8/23 O Conflict, Conflict, wherefore art thou, conflict?

    #8/23 O Conflict, Conflict, wherefore art thou, conflict?


    Luckily, few of us have to live the conflict that Juliet lived in the famous play. After the rather important and efficient workshop on conflicts last Tuesday, we will do another one on conflicts Sunday, but with a new outlook; solving the unsolvable conflict! So, if you weren’t there Tuesday, don’t despair. You also get…

  • #7/23 Workshop tonight, and first course start-up in February

    #7/23 Workshop tonight, and first course start-up in February


    Sunday, we had an interesting workshop, where we talked about the predictions for this year, for humanity and for each one of the participants. The workshop might have held some surprising elements for some of you, but the good part is that the soul and the body are more prepared now, for what is coming.…

  • #4/23 English workshop start-up


    It is winter here, and the view from our living room window is absolutely breathtaking. (One day, we will do a weekend course here, and you can come see for yourselves!) Every day, we remind ourselves of how lucky we are. That we have each other. That we have a home. That we are able…

  • #2/23 Shopping weekend and what we talked about last Tuesday


    Did you know that you can reserve your spot on our first course, ‘Perceiving and quantifying’? Did you also know that, if you cannot afford it, you can still join, no questions asked? We do this so that you won’t have to choose between your utility bill and the course, but can afford both. How…

  • #11/22 Feeling guilty is neither heroic nor sustainable


    You can listen to the next part of the book ‘Trauma is a thing of the past – Telepathy is the new black’ while waiting for tonight’s workshop. Watch it here, or go to our YouTube channel The INNATE one of you haven’t heard the first part yet.

  • #10/22 Solstice approaching and a bit more on conflicts


    Tuesday’s workshop on conflicts was yet another successful evening together, and we got to discuss several important things. We worked on the rather common issue with the struggle to be perfect and not allowing oneself to make mistakes or to be criticized, and also the conflicts we experience when we make unorthodox choices for ourselves…