#21/23 Did you bring a previous life with you into this one?


Karmic archeology as an effective healing tool

Did you watch the first part of the interview with Veronica, who finished a treatment course with Ole a couple of months ago? They talk about Veronica’s experience with such a course, what it takes to do it, and what she got out of it. If you didn’t watch it already, you can do so here:

It would not be a spoiler to reveal that traumas were healed during the sessions, and that Veronica got tools to master life in a different manner than she used to. But what might come as a surprise to you, if you didn’t already work with Ole, would be the karmic archeology that takes place in these sessions. Digging in previous lives is always a part of the healing of traumas with the INNATE method. Because like days follow each other in a lifetime, lives follow each other in a soul’s life. To get the best out of today, it helps to solve conflicts of yesterday. And to get the best out of the present life, it helps to solve traumas from yesterlife.

Karmic archeology is also a big part of our personal lives here in INNATE. We are in no way exempt from traumas or conflicts, and just like a hairdresser also needs haircuts from time to time, we also experience conflicts and traumas that need our attention. Both from this life and from previous lives. If you are curious about karma, and want to know more about your own karmic journey, you can start by paying attention to your own life, your own hurdles, your patterns and weak spots. These might all be indications of unsolved karmic traumas.

Often in life we experience being unable to act like we would prefer to, we have expectations for ourselves that we believe comes from the people around us, or we are unable to succeed in a field where there are no visible outer hindrances stopping us from achieving what we want. Observations like these might lead us to think that we are just limited as beings. Or that the world is a cruel and mean place, and that the people and system surrounding us wants us to fail, and thus work towards that as if us failing was a goal of its own.

Actually, we have the possibility to succeed in whatever we are passionate about. What we give our attention we will eventually master, and what our lives get filled with will be what we live and breath. As simple as that. And yet, some things we struggle with and experience failure in, even if we give it our full attention and spend time and effort on it. This doesn’t necessarily mean stuggling with not making it as a Prima Ballerina or becoming the next big Bollywood-star. Most of us focus on making it as human beings, meaning we struggle with simpler and more common tasks in life. It could be communicating in a loving manner with your wife, even when she hurts your feelings. Or attending a gathering in your child’s school with joy, not judging or getting frustrated with you fellow parents that just aren’t raising their child exactly the way you raise yours. Or what about daring to be imperfect and still expect to be respected and loved by your close family?

If you want to do some karmic archeology yourself, we still have some free spots in August and September. If you have decided already, just go ahead and book your session. If you are curious about the subject and want to know more feel free to give us a call or send an email at no cost or obligation. You find our contact information at the very bottom of this page.

The second part of the interview with Veronica is out, and you can watch it here. It is truly an inspirational testimonial, and Veronica is such a warm-hearted, well-spoken and loving person.

Do you have a story about a karmic experience that you would like to share with us? Leave a comment or send us a message through our contact form. We would love to hear from you!

Enjoy the light and warmth that still blesses us, and take care of each other and of yourselves. The world feels much like stirred water these days. Let’s lead it in a direction of love and thriving happiness before it sets once again.

Ole and Linda