#28/23 Take your power home


We’ll keep it short today.

Are you aware that you are held back by old traumas from this and previous lives?

And are you also aware that the only way of truly freeing yourself from what’s holding you back is to acknowledge that you are held back, and that you chose your traumas?

Of course you are! Clever and insightful people are a part of our INNATE family, so you know this already.

You know that we give room to parasites. That we invite them in so we can learn. That we let them hurt us. And if they hurt us bad, we owe them thanks for a job well done. True gratitude and love set us free. Together with the knowledge that we did it. We welcomed it.

But, have you ever felt this knowledge physically in your body and in your soul?

From an INNATE point of view, we are bound by our traumas. Old stored-up feelings and perceptions get captured in our bodies and souls as traumas, and these traumas hold us back, binds us to certain patterns, and prohibits us from leading truly free lives.

When we work on releasing traumas, it is not enough to work on the negative feelings or perceptions. We also have to take away any strain on the positive affirmations of gratitude and love. And we have to acknowledge that I chose this. I brought this on myself.

On an intellectual level this is understandable. That I chose this. But understanding it intellectually is different from knowing it on a soul level. To do that you have to embrace he knowledge with your heart and with your body. And then live this knowledge with your every breath.

And this is how we take our power home.

All the best,

Ole and Linda


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