# 1/22 School of the INNATE one—Telepathic trauma healing


WE ARE SO EXITED to tell you that our School of the INNATE one is about to launch the first live Zoom workshop, and you are invited!

Do you want to heal your own traumas in a pain free, thorough and safe way? Do you want to be able to heal your child’s trauma? Or what about your conflict with your distant father? All this can be achieved using the INNATE method, and we want you to learn how.

The INNATE method consists of healing traumas with the use of telepathy, a skill that we all have, but fewer use intentionally. Traumas are basically unresolved conflicts, and these conflicts can manifest as stress, anxiety, tension and pain, and will—if unresolved—lead to illness. The person is controlled by its master—YOU—through telepathic messaging. These unresolved conflicts activates our nervous system, and because they stay unresolved, the nervous system will not get the message that the conflict is over. Because our pain, stress and illness got there via telepathic communication, the only truly effective way to release it is done by using the same form of communication.

Ole Blente is the man behind the INNATE method. He works with telepathic trauma healing and counseling with his clients, and his book Trauma is a thing of the past tells the story of his path, in debt knowledge on how telepathy works, the history of humans and trauma, and many other interesting themes. For many years, Ole worked tediously to learn and perfect the skills needed for achieving actual, measurable results, and he has used the skill of quantifying in different contexts in the search of a method that actually works for healing trauma.

Through our live on-line school we want to teach you how you can heal your own traumas, and how to achieve a happy, thriving life. We will have a wide range of activities, and we start out with free workshops in November and December, so that you can get a glimpse of what TELEPATHIC TRAUMA HEALING is.

We will base our activities on a low price subscription fee, where you get access to all of our activities – from the more low key, but important, workshops to the more hardcore educational program.

We will meet first time 29th November, on Zoom, it will be free and for all, so please share this newsletter with your friends and family if you think they will benefit from this information.

Talk to you soon!

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