Take charge of your destiny

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Each week the School of the INNATE one hosts a workshop online, where you can partake without any prerequisite. Each workshop stands on its own and it does not matter if you attended 100 times or if this is the first one.

A lot of our attention is paid to the world these days, and we are aware that the economic situation for many people is anxiety-provoking. To avoid causing more harm than good, we offer our courses and workshops for free to those of you who cannot prioritize paying for an education now, when you struggle to even pay for utilities and food.

Each week will follow approximately the same pattern. We will have an on-stage exercise, where we can learn to work with the INNATE method without any stress or fear of failing.

We will do a healing session, where you silently and incognito can bring what ever topic and expect it to undergo a transformation to some extent.

Last but not least we will do a healing session for our troubled world.


Without any previous knowledge or experience you will be able to partake in the discussion and healing of a topic on stage.

We will start out with a short presentation of a topic, proposed by our community. Then someone with that topic is introduced, upon which we all are invited to partake in a short survey. When this is done we focus our loving attention in order to balance the topic and obtain thriving happiness.

Make sure to send your proposed topic for next week to our team.

Silent healing:

The centerpiece, though, is the healing session. Those who wish may bring a problem or a question silently into the field that we create. Maybe you are worried about the future? Or your body is burdened in some way or an other. Maybe it is about you, maybe it is about a loved one. In a guided session we will lift everything into a common higher consciousness, embrace and recognize it. We will pursue a potential that eventually will bring some relief to each and everyone.

When we are done we will share what we have achieved, look at possible obstacles, and delve into one or more of them.

Healing a troubled world:

We will round off the night reminding ourselves about the dark clouds hovering over us, about the suffering, about the war-torn peoples around the world and then—through a guided session—focus our loving, intentional attention on it in order to propagate lasting peace and prosperity.


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Tuesday and Sunday evenings, at 8:30 pm, CET (Note that this might be a different time-zone than yours.)

Approximately one hour