The first course is open for registration:

  • Perceiving and quantifying
  • Using basic lists
  • Introducing the protocol
  • Handling conflicts and avoiding trauma
  • Introduction to the INNATE Software
  • Finding the karmic thread
  • Working with predictions
  • Building and maintaining an INNATE school

To partake in the course that starts 19 January 2023, go to our shop and get your subscription now. We have a special offer right now, where you save 40 Euro on a 12 months subscription. Information on start-up will be given through the newsletter. See you soon!

Basis of the courses

The heavy stuff is to be found in this book, which is highly recommended as a support and supplement on your path to becoming the best version of you:

Trauma is a thing of the past

I will personally assure you that in order to benefit from this course you will in no way rely on entering some mystic state or trance. You do not have to smile, be positive or connect to grand masters to achieve results. We will not even attempt to bend spoons or do any magic.

To the best of our abilities we will try to make everything smooth and understandable.

Please consider passing this information on to a good friend or two. Maybe they will benefit from it.