#3/22 Workshop information and background knowledge


Questions regarding our workshop are now ticking in. We love to hear from you, so thank you! We will answer some of the questions here, and if you have any other questions for us, please feel free to contact us. The easy way is through the contact form on our web-page. The direct link is listed below.

So, you have probably noticed that all our communication is in English, even though the team lives in Norway. This is because we aim high! We want to reach the entire world with the INNATE method and our school, and we want to build a world-wide community, because trauma has no boundaries, so neither should the knowledge on how to heal it. Instead of starting with writing a book in Norwegian, a Norwegian web-page, communication on Norwegian, we decided early on to go with English. That way we can reach more people early on, and we minimize our workload by not having to translate everything into English later on, and thus keep our focus on the important work; healing trauma.

The free workshop series with start-up in November, however, will be in Norwegian. Does this mean that you should not share information about the School of the INNATE one to your friends abroad? Not at all! Please continue to share our newsletters with everyone you know, even if they don’t speak Norwegian. As soon as we have a couple of registrations for an English workshop, we will offer that as well.

We will base our activities starting in January 2023 on a low price subscription fee, where you get access to all of our activities – from the more low key, but important, workshops to the more hardcore educational program.

If you want to read more about the INNATE method before the first workshop Tuesday 29 November, you can do so on our web-page, or you can dive into the ground-breaking book ‘Trauma is a thing of the past’ for a fuller experience. It is available as paperback through Amazon, and through our web-page as paperback, PDF for computer and a mobile version as well.

For those of you who understand Norwegian, you can listen to the talk Ole had with Mr. Rogstad this summer, where they talk a bit about telepathy as a means of healing trauma. You can search for it in your favourite search engine: ‘Ole Blente: Telepatisk traumebehandling er veien gjennom det geopolitiske kaoset’. I will also put a link to the YouTube video below.

We can’t wait to welcome you soon!

Ole and Linda

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If you want to listen to Ole talk about his method, go to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xAqkqU7fMY