#25/23 Are you the same person you were yesterday or yesterlife?


Being born into this world can be compared to waking up in the morning. Ten minutes being the equivalent to a year. And after about 16 hours or 90 years we leave the day or the life to rest, evaluate and to start a new day or a new life.

So, when you wake up in the morning, are you the same person you were yesterday, when you went to bed? Are your dreams the same? The stories you bring with you into the night? Even your cells? Or have you changed since yesterday morning?

Some parts of us remain the same. Some parts of us change. Some thoughts and ideas change in a split second, others take days, weeks, months or years to mature into the thoughts and ideas they are today.

What if we looked at out lives like days passing by, one after the other. Are you the same you were yesterlife? And why is this even a subject in trauma healing?

When we want to heal traumas dating back to our childhood or even a previous life, knowing and remembering that we are no longer the same person we were back when the trauma dates from, helps us repair the damage without adding new traumas. The distance helps us going back without feelings like shame, guilt, anger and sadness.

When you heal traumas belonging to a person that is no longer you, the role of caretaker, loving relative or friend makes it easier to distance ourselves from the story, the feeling and the persons involved. Focus is instantly and solely on healing the trauma, instead of wasting energy on placing responsibility, taking on the role of the victim, or even being angry at the perpetrator or our self.

We are always responsible for our self. We are not victims. The sooner we accept this and act accordingly, the sooner we can heal. Not meaning it’s not sad what has happened, but the only way to repair is by taking our power home. By healing the trauma without the need of placing the responsibility. Without having to relive what happened. Without re-traumatization.

So, if you can remember that you are no longer the same person you were yesterday or even yesterlife, you have a huge advantage in healing traumas. Give your former self a hug today. You are not the victim. You are the healer.

Let us know if you need help healing your traumas. You can send us a message here if you have questions about the method or what you can expect, or book a session here if you have already decided you want to take charge of your destiny now.

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Fiery fall greetings,

Ole and Linda