A unique therapy form


Previously, I have gone in various forms of conventional therapy. In my experience these therapies consists mostly of conversations where I spend an enormous amount of energy recalling old traumas, talking about old traumas, dwelling on the pain of the traumas, and not to mention crying my way through the sessions.

All this without feeling that I actually make much progress.

After sessions like these, my day was more or less over, because I was so tired that all could do for the rest of the day was lying on the couch.

Therapy sessions with Ole Blente is fundamentally different. I experience progress after every session, without being drained of energy.

One of the most striking differences from conventional therapy is that I don’t have to go in depth emotionally, and therefore I don’t get so tired that the rest of the day is wasted on the couch.

We talk about and work on the traumas and experiences without me being triggered and upset.

Working with Ole has given me an entirely new understanding of my own traumas, and how they can be healed with very simple techniques and methods.

I have never before experienced trauma therapy this simple and this effective.

I used to be exhausted and drained of energy going home from therapy, with puffy eyes and heavy feet. Now I can continue my day after a therapy session, with renewed energy and strength. And not the least with hope and belief that it is actually possible to be free of severe trauma.

Veronica Lindholm