#15/23 Dates for next classes are set – and March workshop postponed


Ole is currently working together with a woman who has been severely ill, and is working her way back to life. They are doing a course of sessions, where they meet twice a week, on-line. If you want to know what she is saying about their work so far, you can read her testimonial on our web-page, together with a few other stories. You find her story here: “Saved my life.”

We are announcing the dates for the next two classes, and are ready to receive your registration:

– Level #1 Perceiving: we meet 15th and 16th of April 2023

– Level #2 Quantifying: we meet 6th and 7th of May 2023

You can read more and sign up here.

If you already took our first class in February, and would like to work more on the same exercises together with us, we offer the Level #1 class to you at half price. If you have a year subscription, it is of course included in the fee. From experience, these classes are so dense with knowledge, and going through them again would in no way be a waste of time.

Please note that we will limit the number of students to make sure everyone is followed up appropriately. We already have a couple of registrations, so sign up now if you want to make sure you get your seat.

We are currently building our stand for the fair in Kristiansand in our basement. It’s beginning to come together nicely, and we look forward to assembling it once we get there. Come meet us if you get a chance. We will be there Friday through Sunday, 24th-26th of March, so in just under four weeks. We look forward to meeting more people like you there, and hope to have some interesting conversations and hear people’s stories. You inspire us to continue our work.

Due to travelling, we will have to postpone the March 5 workshop, and will meet Sunday March 12 instead. We want to help you work on calming and strengthening yourself in these rather chaotic times. They affect us, even if we don’t watch TV or listen to the radio. Telepathy, you know. ^_^ We hope to see many of you there.

Have a good week!

Ole and Linda

Read Veronica’s story: https://www.innate.one/saved-my-life/

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You can sign up for the free workshop March 12th here: https://www.innate.one/contact/

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