Child reconnected with passed away father


My daughter lost her father in a car accident shortly before her sixth birthday, and the chock got stuck in her system. She has not been able to go into the pain to any great extent, but it haunts her, and it has gradually gotten worse. After a panic attack I contacted Ole Blente, who has provided invaluable help in the form of simple but trustworthy visualization exercises with immediate effect. My daughter expressed that she had had the best day in a long time (not knowing that she had received trauma treatment), and I see a distinct change in her. She is far more lighthearted and bubbly, and laughing like before the accident. There is still the occasional panic attack, but they are less frequent and less severe. Ole also helped me to reestablish the connection between her and her father, to the state it was before she shut off to protect herself. I am deeply grateful for the help Ole has given us, and I give him my warmest recommendations.

Kristina Kjørmo