Solutions to inner problems


After 11 session with Ole Klit Blente, I have achieved solutions to several inner problem areas:

1. The belief that «I create problems for others if I express myself openly and honestly», in conflict with my wish to «Always be open and honest about my thoughts and feelings».

2. To truly acknowledge MY OWN unwittingness and ignorance, and feel grateful for it after having been furious and in despair from “The World’s unwittingness and ignorance”. For the record, I define unwittingness as believing uncertain claims to be true. I define ignorance as ignoring the subject part of any experience, and only focus on the object part of experiences.

3. Awareness of the identification as, and dis-identification with, the knowledge that is the basis of the ability to acknowledge MY unwittingness and ignorance. “I” being the subject aware of this knowledge.

4. Liberation from my demand that every conversation must be about MY OWN main interests: Existential questions and spiritual awakening.

5. Recognition of the fact that when I experience physical, mental and spiritual limitation, it is because I want it to be that way based on the belief that limitation ensures my inner and outer safety.

I highly recommend the INNATE method to anyone who struggle with traumas and inner conflicts.

Kirsten-Marie Halland – Session course – 10 sessions


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