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#10/23 No workshop tomorrow Sunday

We have our first course, ‘Perceiving and quantifying’ this weekend, and so the Sunday workshop will be cancelled. We are exited about the class, and look forward to being able to submerge totally in the INNATE pool together with those of you who are joining.

The INNATE method is very much about taking responsibility for your life. Both your inner and your outer life. For all your conflicts and your emotions, for your relationships and for your weak points, for securing your own space and not falling victim to other peoples behaviour. Some parts of it comes more natural than others, but every day, we live, evolve and learn something new here in our tiny village where we have our home. It sounds like a cliché, but there really is something to it.

For many years, the annual employee development interview, that is so hyped, at least here in the Nordics, was such a drag. Every year, the hassle of having to come up with a new goal, a new developmental focus, a new angle on how to present the job-satisfaction, when some of us actually just wanted to go to work, do our very best, get our pay-check, and then live our real lives after working hours, without being bothered by our employer. And then, the mid-year review. To make sure you stick to the agreed plan.

Luckily, we don’t have to have these meaningless talks any longer, and we manage to evolve and develop on our own, without a boss setting up a meeting to talk about it. Just like a child learning to walk without attending walking-school. We wake up every morning, and life just flows. We are busy, but not stressed. We have interesting and varying work tasks, flexible hours, lovely colleagues, and a relaxed work environment. Every day, we learn something that we didn’t know yesterday. It’s hard! To take responsibility. To evolve. To learn. And really worth it. We love this life that we chose. Maybe the problem never was the part about having to develop, but that the frame within which we were expected to develop, just wasn’t the right one.

Did you ever ask yourself if maybe Mondays wasn’t the real problem? Is it maybe time you became your own boss?

See you next time, and in the meantime, do an exercise that will benefit you:

Stop bad-mouthing Monday!

Ole and Linda

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#7/22 Homework for tonight’s workshop and the link for the session

Tonight, we will be working on the topic ‘relationships’, and we will go over what needs to be in place for a relationship to work. To get the most out of the workshop, you can come prepared. Your homework for tonight is therefore that you think of an issue you might have in one of your relationships, or a problem someone close to you has. It can be a small or a big problem, and you don’t have to tell anyone about it. Just make a note of it. To put it down on a piece of paper might be a good idea. If you can’t think of anything, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have any issues. You might be inspired by the introduction, or by your fellow students, and realize that there is something to work on after all.

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