#23/23 A short guide on how to heal your own traumas


INNATE is the name of the method we use to heal traumas. But why INNATE, a name that basically contradicts seeking help outside of ourselves, when that’s exactly what we offer?

Our long term goal is to help everyone heal own traumas. Every day we take care of our clients, of ourselves, our family, neighbors and other loved ones. Both our fellow human beings, and also other beings. Like our cat, who had a traumatic experience as a kitten.

Because the ability to heal life-old traumas is truly INNATE, all you really need from us is to teach you how. Not said that it can be taught in the span of a single workshop or that of a newsletter. But little by little your attention will turn towards the method, the way of thinking, and the knowledge of how to heal, thereby taking you towards your new life, step by step. Some steps might be smaller than others, but they all take you in the right direction, towards your new happy and thriving life.

So, what can you actually do to start healing traumas if you don’t want or have the possibility to seek help from a professional? How can you actually start helping yourself?

Even when we do get help from professionals, we still have to do the work ourselves. Nothing changes within us without us first wanting the change, secondly making room for the change, and thirdly actually doing the work it takes to achieve the change we aimed for in the first place.

How do you know if you really want the change?

Find out what you aren’t happy with, and then decide if you truly want to let go of past bound struggles, guilt and victimhood, and take full responsibility for your health and thriving happiness. With emphasis on ‘decide’.

This step is not really about knowing if you’re ready. It is about making the decision.

What about making room for the change to happen?

Making room is about ‘letting go’. Old patterns of feelings like shame and guilt for example, often from previous lives, act like sand bags do on a hot air balloon; they hold you down and prohibit you from moving freely in this world. Without this freedom we are limited in our ability to experience and thus to evolve and mature.

What normally could take several lives to change is possible to change within this lifetime as long as there is room for it and the work gets done. So, by removing old traumas the coast is clear for whatever experience you had in mind for this life.

How can you do the work it takes?

With ‘focused, loving intentional attention’. Focus your loving attention on the topic with the intention of letting it go. You no longer have the need for the response to the old trauma, as the traumatic experience lies in the past. And so you can let the feelings connected to the trauma melt away by giving them your attention.

This part takes practice to master. For a new student it might be difficult to know whether the attention is focused where it needs to, and also whether the telepathic connection to the feelings has been established, and that you are not merely thinking of it.

This process is the basis of the INNATE method, and a single teaching session with Ole is enough to show you this step of the healing process. It would be a way of making sure you are doing it right, and also get the hands on experience convincing you that the ability truly is INNATE. Contact s if you want help.

We did an exercise in the Norwegian workshop some months ago. This exercise is good for testing the focused, loving intentional attention. The exercise is in Norwegian, with English subtitles. We are working on more exercises for you, and we will let you know as soon as the program is ready for you! For now you can check out our channel playlist and the exercises already posted there.

Don’t hesitate to share this message with someone you love, who would also benefit from some advice on where to start when the goal is to heal traumas and steer your life in the direction it was always meant to go.

You can get more in debt knowledge on our website and on our video channel, where we post lectures, exercises, testimonials and more.

We wish you all a wonderful week. Talk to you soon!

Ole and Linda


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