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  • #20/23 Out of beta

    #20/23 Out of beta

    Forage your way out of beta Many of us spend our days in beta, living like there is no ‘now’. Only tomorrow, next year, next holiday, next weekend, tonight, next degree, next meal… I’m sure you get the picture I’m trying to paint here. One side of this way of living is (probably) based on…

  • #12/23 An exercise for your new-found superpower

    #12/23 An exercise for your new-found superpower

    We had our first course last weekend, and it was a great experience. As one of our students put it: “Thank you for a fantastic course weekend. Lots of love. Can’t wait for the sequel. Thank you.” We can truly say that we feel the same way. We met in a small group, and although…