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#7/23 Workshop tonight, and first course start-up in February

Sunday, we had an interesting workshop, where we talked about the predictions for this year, for humanity and for each one of the participants. The workshop might have held some surprising elements for some of you, but the good part is that the soul and the body are more prepared now, for what is coming. We will work more on preparing for the future later. And it doesn’t have to be through predictions. It is just as important to repair old traumas. To become free of them, as a preparation for what lies ahead.

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#12/22 Christmas is a great time to practice conflict solution

First of all, thank you for a great Tuesday evening. It feels good to meet and work together with you on really important things. We are strong, and we can move what feels like mountains inside of us. Keep working, keep connecting, keep sharing. We will continue these workshops, and we have decided to meet up next Tuesday, the 27th of December as well. Feel free to bring a topic or a case that you want us to work on together. There is no problem too big or too small. If it holds your attention, it holds you back!

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#10/22 Solstice approaching and a bit more on conflicts

Tuesday’s workshop on conflicts was yet another successful evening together, and we got to discuss several important things. We worked on the rather common issue with the struggle to be perfect and not allowing oneself to make mistakes or to be criticized, and also the conflicts we experience when we make unorthodox choices for ourselves and our family, knowing we risk attracting unwanted attention. We will not show you everything that happened, but you can watch or re-watch the introduction directly on our YouTube channel ‘The INNATE one’. The direct link is listed below.

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#9/22 Workshop topic and extra section

We will meet for a new workshop tonight, at 20.30 CET. Tonight’s topic is conflicts. With conflict we mean when you are in a situation where you have two or more choices, and you are unable to pick one of them, and therefore not able to move forward. We experience this every day, and some conflicts are big, others small. You can prepare for tonight by visualizing a conflict you are experiencing these days. What are the two (or more) choices you have, and what is keeping you from choosing? You might want to write your thoughts and observations down on a piece of paper, or at least make a clear visualisation of what the conflict consists of before we meet tonight.

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