As social/biological beings, there are two states to consider: Living and not living. That is: Loving or not loving. Because only loving is living. Lack of love means lack of life. This is why L*VING and L*VING are spoken and written almost equal.

Your life is on hold!

If you feel burdened, your life is on hold until your problem is solved.

In a session we identify a cause of your problem and heal it. A cause is an experience from the past that was overwhelming. There was no way to master the situation. Your life is on hold until the problem is solved.

Because telepathy reaches beyond time and space, we can heal past–and even forgotten–experiences by giving your person the love and security it lacked back then and which it needs to again experience happiness.

Write an email to with a short description of the problem you intend to target.

Describe the wished for changes and what you expect from this session.

Sessions for children and teenagers

For children and teenagers, sessions are offered through a parent and may be given without their expressed consent.

With growing self awareness and self responsibility the need for expressed consent arises.

Write an email to with a description of the child and a description of the problems you experience in a few words.

Describe the wished for changes and what you expect from this session.


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  • Sessions are used as means to balance so called psychological traumas irrespective of physical issues.
  • The sessions are supposed to ease psychological conditions.
  • These sessions are understood as healing.
  • Healing is considered superstition by modern physicians.
  • By no means should superstitious healing substitute or compete with chemical compounds or surgery.