Trauma Therapy

As I had spend decades and endless hours consulting different therapists in order to get my bad life fixed, I eventually learned about SE (Somatic Experiencing), a type of trauma therapy, developed by Peter Levine.

SE is less about the feelings, and more about what the body remembers, and what can be perceived, when the attention is directed inward, and connection with the body consciousness established. Through decades Peter Levine has done an amazing job intuitively and gently guiding his clients to harmonize body and soul.

With SE my eyes were opened to the understanding of the importance of observing the body sensations. The training helped me discriminate between the thinking mind and focussed observation.

Actually there is nothing new it this. In any matter you need to be able to think and perceive. You need to learn to become aware of, what you are doing. You have to exercise switching between the two and to know when you do what and when to do it.

Remodelling EFT

I very much appreciate and feel aligned with Gary Craig, who developed EFT on the major work of his teacher, Dr. Roger Callahan. Craig worked tireless to hone the methods of Callahan and hence to make them more accessible to common people. This part of the history of EFT is lovely described at the eft-help site1:

[An] … event drove Callahan in the early 80’s to develop TFT, a set of “algorithms” for tapping on specific acupuncture points, with each specific algorithm being appropriate for specific ailments and dysfunctions. Even the same points could be used in a different order, thus creating many different algorithms.

Callahan was teaching these algorithms, along with “diagnosing” techniques and some other staff that he had created or taken from others.

So, Gary Craig took his TFT training in 1991 and then tried to apply the method on his clients. During the next five years he was trying to simplify the method and he finally found that (according to his own statements) the sequence of tapping the points is really of very low importance!

This was a major improvement over the complicated diagnosing techniques of Callahan! A very crucial one was abandoning the complicated compositions of tapping patterns: “He finally found that the sequence of tapping the points is really of very low importance!”

And despite, that these tapping points and their related meridians of course are important part of the etheric-physical body, over the years, Craig found, that the tapping made no sense at all, whence it was abandoned in the Optimal EFT!

From a very different perspective though, namely as a ritualistic and didactic measure, it turns out to make sense. Hence it will be dealt with later.

Developing INNATE

Equipped with the newfound tools – the lifesense, EFT and SE – I spent the next years researching. All the way my first reference was my own faulty person. Next came family and friends.

Again and again progress was brought to a halt with no light in sight. It was like forcing the stern against the mountain of ice. Seemingly it had no intention to give way; whence I often times had to lay everything aside and focus on other projects.

Only gradually I understood the nature of the cooperation between body, soul and spirit.

When a human being is threatened, the first thing he looses is conscience. Under group pressure it is sold out for convenience. Next goes the merry being together enjoying small talk and solving problems. Then comes fight or flight, where everyone isolates and relies solely upon himself. The ultimate withdrawal is coma, faint, paralysis, total shut down, or what ever you like to call it, into a vegetative state. This last mentioned state is the ultimate trauma.

With any traumatic event, where the experienced incidence comes too soon, too often or becomes too much, the spiritual part of us detaches and leaves the body on it´s own. It is like the captain abandoning his endangered ship in high see. Well, it is not only the spirit. At the moment of abuse, the soul as well let go of the body.

When prey is haunted down, this makes sense. As spirit and soul leave the body, it is at the same time given over to what ever happens. It can now be eaten by the predator without inflicting any pain.

Most people are never threatened by a tiger. Human traumas are in general way more subtle. Often times the soul is only shaken. We say, that we are shocked or out of our mind, and soon thereafter the soul takes it´s righteous place in the body again. More often the spirit does not reconnect properly, and many people live their entire lives disconnected from their spirit being.

Well, they are seldom totally disconnected. More often would it be correct to say, that the connection is limited. The person manages to wake up in the morning, take a shower, get to work, do some meaningful processing or shuffling, have a good laugh, get back home with groceries, dine, quarrel with the family, watch football, say “good night” and “love you!” to the children and have a fun time with the spouse, before an other night falls upon him. And yet layers upon layers hide the real power and potential of the human being, and our global society suffers from economic and physical war.

As the years pass by, the impact on the soul-body relationship is eventually bridged by life itself. Like out of nothing comes a memory glimpse connecting us to some past unpleasant moment. We clench our fists and spit out an abundance of curses, hopefully without anybody listening. Hence most adults have healed the psychological traumas originating in pre birth and early childhood.

Such an soul-body misalignment is perceived as a kind of resistance in the body.

A person, that was hurt, will feel the resistance, when he challenges such a misalignment. When he consciously expresses, that he loves the perpetrator, the person, who abused him, the resistance grows, as if the body responds: “You are lying!” Such resistances can be outbalanced or reduced amid therapeutic measures.

When such soul-body misalignments are outbalanced, the next step is for the spirit to take control again and ensure the body, that peace is restored, that the spirit – the master – is in charge again. Though this is easy to do – actually it is way easier than to heal the soul-body misalignment – it is seldom performed. Contrary to the latter, the spirit-body connection is mainly healed through a conscious act.

In other words, life and the passing of decades will generally help us out of most soul-body misalignments, but for the spirit-body misalignment, in order to take back your body, you need awareness and knowledge, and not the least, you need to take action!

What makes the practical use of this kind of work a bit complicated is, that it is only possible to balance the sprit-body connection for that part of the body, where soul and body are already aligned.

Therapy will therefore typically reinstall the spirit in the accessible areas of the body. Then a next session will balance another part of the soul-body disconnection, upon which the spirit is reinstalled in the balanced areas. This process continues until the person is free or happy enough.

As earlier stated, this volume deals with the reinstallation of the spirit, where as the conflicts between soul and body will have to be dealt with in a later volume.