Training the lifesense

By now, I hope, you have come to the same conclusion as Rupert Sheldrake, Bose and not the least the US-military, that we are indeed connected. We know, that our fellow creations out in the woods are well trained on the subject, and that we – as society – on the other hand are determined to help each other to unlearn this amazing skill.

The good news is, that most of us can bring this sense to life again. There is apparently no physical organ carrying this sense. Hence we do not need special equipment to enhance it.

Getting rid of the diapers

So, where do we start? First of we need to get rid of any remaining diapers. With this I mean any wedge installed to keep us from listening to the messages from the body. Whenever possible, drop all rules, that restrict your free communication with the body:

  • Eat when you are hungry
  • Sleep when you are tired
  • Leave when you are bored
  • Only be “polite” when it is really important

Sounds great! Why should anyone not want to drop these rigid rules, that eventually kill us? Well, read the chapter about “How we lost it” once more. If we really want to leave these rules behind, why should we want our children NOT to? Why do we diaper them and bring them to school in the first place? Well, there are reasons for that, aren´t there? We do that in order to fit into a society of commerce. We do it in order to live out the best of dreams, we could come up with: The American Dream!

Wikipedia brings it to the point first of1:

The American Dream is a national ethos of the United States, the set of ideals … in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success, as well as an upward social mobility for the family and children, achieved through hard work in a society with few barriers.

In short it says: It is the dream of material prosperity and success achieved through hard work!

Which by the way is exactly the same essence as the sign at the entrance to the campsite at Auswitch: Arbeit macht frei!

It is the opposite of communism, where the individual life is secured by the state. Communism comes at a price, namely that the system owns you. All the beneficial security lines restrict your freedom to the point, where you are lamed. You find yourself resembling a bio robot, barely functioning in the rigid schedule of the assembly line.

Now, back to the story about the busy mother with her diapered child in the back seat of the car; is she living the American Dream? Or is she a slave of a communist “human eating” system?

There you have it! Not only is she caught up in the same nightmare as her fellow beings in communist countries! The very best of dreams – the highly commended American Dream – leaves no room for the self aware person. It is the epitome of it so to speak and hence of being human as such.

The paradoxes of authenticity

To listen – not only to your body, but also to your soul – is also called becoming authentic. Being authentic is already very hype these days and does apparently come with considerable benefits. What about:

  • Being happier
  • Feeling of fulfilment
  • Decision making becomes easier
  • Awareness increases
  • Truthful to self & others
  • Doing things on your own terms
  • Doing what you really want
  • Doing what you love
  • Satisfying your needs
  • A sense of purpose
  • Helping you prioritize how you live
  • Being in alignment with goals & dreams2

Once again the awkward questions flares up: Who would not want these benefits? And if everybody want them, why do we not do the things, that bring us there?

This is not the only paradox about authenticity though. The next one is just around the corner: If authenticity is all about being one´s true self, then why do we not just be it? If we find our selves looking for it, then we obviously do not have it.

We could speak of a third paradox: Is it possible to have authenticity? Of course not. Authentic is something you can be, not have.

How to become at least more authentic

Any simple pet is all through and nothing but authentic. Hence we could draw the conclusion, that humans are inferior to primitive animals. Of course there is something to it. The most bestial criminal is incomparably worse than any roaring wild animal. Luckily most of us are better of. And there are tools, that are easy, yet work intensive, that eventually will lead us to a state far superior to that of our diligent four legged friends.

One of them is to write a diary. Maybe the dog is man´s best friend; the diary is the next best then! A diary will listen to about anything without judging. So if you use your diary´s trust with care and precaution, it can help you boost your authenticity.

One approach is to write about the moments, when you experienced mishap. Describe the crucial point, where it tipped over, where you failed. Now you write the story anew, but with the twist needed to bring your desired results.

Example: College taking your credit

If you experienced your college taking credit for your hard work, and you realize, that you quietly accepted it, then write in detail, how it happened. How you felt, as he told your boss about his (actually your!) achievements. Write about the feelings building up inside you!

Now write the story with an other ending: Write how you – again – experience the bad feeling build up. But this time you are prepared. You know, that you cannot stay silent. You have to respond. Not only that, you also get an impulse as to what to do.

This time you pull out the files from your folder, raise from your chair, and calmly drops the devastating evidence in front of your boss. Everybody in the room stops talking. You write detailed about how colleges pale one after the other, while your boss pics up the files and realizes, that you are the source of the important work!

You finalize this little film by letting the boss demand everybody out of the room, where upon you and he has a very enlightened conversation, which ends with your promotion and a nice pay check in advance.

Brainstorming yourself

An other approach is to brainstorm with yourself. You start a sentence and “storm” the matter:

If my behated boss asks me to work overtime again Friday, then I will:

  • let him address the current hard times in the business
  • kick him in the ass
  • tell him, I am off with family, but I will be there Monday

If my mother in law asks me to move her lawn this week too, I will:

  • do it; and never take another call from her
  • cry: I hate you!
  • Advise her to buy an auto mower

If my teenage daughter wants to stay on a party until the next day, I will:

  • Say she will never go to a party again
  • If she stays, she can stay away for ever
  • Propose we make a call and I pick her up

Doing this kind of work for some few minutes every day, will slowly change the way you interact with your world and eventually calm your nervous system and make you more authentic.