Spirit-Body Misalignments

For the therapeutic approach let us look at the phenomenon of spirit-body misalignments. When are they accessible and healable?

First we have to remember, that natural traumas pose no problems in the long run, as they are healed as natural as they occurred. What we need to deal with and what the INNATE method is all about are the traumas, that originate in our so called advanced, civilized, human society.

When a soul-body misalignment is outbalanced, the next step is for the spirit to take control again and ensure the body, that peace is restored, that the spirit – the master – is in charge again. Though this is way easier than to heal the soul-body misalignment, it is seldom performed. This is because a spirit-body connection is mainly healed through a conscious act; spirit is first and foremost consciousness.

In other words, life and the passing of decades will generally help us out of most soul-body misalignments, but for the spirit-body misalignment, in order to take back your body, you need awareness and knowledge, and not the least, you need to take conscious action!

What makes the practical use of this kind of work a bit complicated is, that it is only possible to balance the sprit-body connection for that part of the body, where soul and body are already aligned.

Therapy will therefore typically reinstall the spirit in the accessible areas of the body. Then a next session will balance another part of the soul-body disconnection, upon which the spirit is reinstalled in the balanced areas. This process continues until the person is free or happy enough.


There are different processes leading to a desired healthy state. The first and natural way is life itself. After a traumatic event life will present thousands upon thousands of similar events, that turned out not to be dangerous. Each of these confrontations over the course of years and decades will assure the soul, that life is good indeed, and that it is allowed to live life, enjoy and love it. In this way the parts of the body, that carried these soul-body misalignments is set free to eventually be taken back by the conscious spirit.


The next process, that in a short time can set vast parts of the body free, is – not surprisingly – pure therapeutic measures.


Interestingly there seems to be a spillover effect here. Under some very specific conditions the balancing of soul-body misalignments in person A can spillover and set free parts of the body of a person B.

For this to happen, the two persons have to be related, or at least they both took part in the event, that brought the traumatization in person A about.

Last but not the least, the spillover effect will only occur, to that extend, that soul-body misalignments related to this event are balanced for person B. Let us take an example.

An unhappy couple

The two young people – let us call them Lena and Bill – had been together for some short, intense years and as it often happens, it was crowned with a child. And yet there was no way, they could live together as a family.

They were up to a mountain of bad odds. None of them had experienced a harmonious family life themselves. In simple words, all four of their parents were heavily traumatized too. So, what could they possibly pass on to their children?

Soon after the birth the struggle became so apparent, that it was clear, they were drifting apart and eventually the father moved out.

However, the fact, that they were parents could not be over written, and they tried their best to stay firm around the child. This actually just reinforced their unhappy relationship, and at a certain point I got involved.

It turned out, that Lena had an inherent feeling of not being good enough. Bill on the other hand, never felt accepted by his father and projected the habit of not accepting anybody in his life. Hence Lena got the feeling of not being good enough reinforced by Bill. This led to her being dishonest with him; as a survival mechanism that is. He of course perceived it, and reflected it back with growing distrust and anger.

Lena was first out and got her things sorted out. Hence, when Bill began the work, strange things came to light. As his issues with Lena were balanced, Lena´s body was freed!

This was a most interesting find. It confirms, that we are indeed connected at deep levels. And what is more, the therapeutic measures focussing on one person A may lead to better health for a closely related person B. But only if A´s misalignments are related to person B, and only if person B already has outbalanced his part of the soul-body misalignments.