Pain and stress

The causes for pain and stress are individual and personal. The way they hit and influence the body though, is semilar for most people and pretty much predictable. Thus there is little need for prolonged talks and investigatings. You do not need to open up and expose your most dreadful experiences to some unknows practitioner. Especially people, that have been abused, may be reluctant to ask for help.

Headaches takes a big share of our joy and happy day.

Chronic pain and stress is a big challenge for our healt system, which far more efficiently deals with acute problems than chronic ones. Neither chronic stress nor pain can be cured chirurgically. Thus we are offered chemical solutions to bring us relief. And this is what we get at best, a short relief until next drug is administered. Because the pain does not disappear, it only diminishes.

Unfortunately chemical influence on the body is often accompagnied by unwanted problems, and in general most preparats should not be used continually. Which by the way clearly says, that said praparats are unfit for treatment of chronic conditions.

Anti-inflamatory preparats are often used against painful conditions. And yet the list of problems, precautions and warnings is long. For instance anti-inflamatories should not be used often or prolonged against tension headaches, because the may lead to chronic headaches. The same preparat, that should help you out, creates the very problem, you tried to avoid in the first place!

Message from the body

Hence it is advisable to use these pain inhibiters short term. If the problem then is gone, everything is fine. In general though it is wise to understand pains as warning lamps. The body sends a message, that something is wrong. It is like a road sign; often times it does not pay of to ignore it. Somewhere upfront an unknown danger ljures, and you better pay attention and be prepared, before you hit it!

Using a painkiller instead of listening to the body is like the ostrich hiding the head in the sand in order to avoid the message, which could actually open up to the possibility to do something with the underlying cause.

What to do?

Chronic pain is closely related to trauma and protracted stress. Hence we oftentimes will have to pay attention to the dorsal vagus nerve, which could have a hangover and make the body believe, that it is still in a state of traumatic coma. Coma is a shut down, when there is no hope. It is a plantlike immobilisation, where all muscles and organs are brought to pause. After years or even decades in a tense state, they may direly need help to relax in order to get the body into resilliance and recovery.

Yet more often the adrenal glands are running high speed 24/7. We are in a permanent fight or flight state. The body is prepared for the fight with the tiger, and all digestion, thinking and thriving is shut down, awaiting the dramatic outcome: Did we kill or outrun the tiger?

And yet very few of us really do have an encounter with said tiger; ever. However, we do have to deal with stressy workloads, scedules, childrens school problems, mortgage and other short comings, that threatens our existence on a dayly basis.

Often times we need to delve with feelings conserning underlying traumas, be it abuse, mobbing or even earlier, from the time before we were able to think and speak.

With these things done the body will be able to breathe better, the circulation will increase and you are likely to feel a basic calmness.

On a dayly basis you will learn to reconnize, when your adrenal levels rise, and calm them down, and with them your stress and pain.

You will learn how to help yourself and get advise with some good tools.

How long time will it take?

The fact, that we can reestablish peace in the body and change our pains, points to an other often overlooked phenomenon: The chronic condition is chronic, because something undigested lies underneath. It is undigested, because it somehow was too much, came too often or too soon upon us!

To keep it locked down and hidden away is power demanding day and night, day in and day out. In other words, a chronic pain is a state, that we maintain, until we are able to cope with it, to digest and release.

Thus the first answer to the question: How long will it take? is: Are you willing to let go?

Am I serious now? Absolutely! So, why would someone wish to keep the pain, you may ask. Sad to say, it is the wrong question. Because nobody wants to have pain as such. In actuallity it is about two pains and not one. Confronted with the dilamma of two bad pains, ofcouse you take the lesser one. As long as the «outside» pain is smaller than the «inside» pain, of cource you prefere the «outside» and lesser. But when we start touching and moving the inner pain, it will become smaler and eventually the lesser, and voila!

Already a heart felt decision to take action helps to ripen the hidden pain, and when it starts moving, you will gain confidence and thus the power to move on!

Another part of the answer relates to the nature of the condition. This pain is yours and yours alone. No treatment can release you from the trauma, that you have encapsulated and repressed. Treatment can ease your condition for a moment, and it can give you the head start, that you need to get going.

But without your own will and power, it makes little sense. After some time you yourself will cause the condition to regain terrain and show up like before and all treatment is nullified. The INNATE method is therefore there to teach you to deal with your own stuff!

Strengthening your own power

Treatment in old terms is something, that is done to you without your own participation. Pretty much the same way as when you bring your car to the workshop for repair and service, you «deliver» your body at the bench. The practitioner corrects the misallignments, you pay, go happy home, and within some days, you start over. This secures a steady and predictable income for the practitioner, but will most often leave you at status quo.

The INNATE method is not yet another alternative medicine. It is all about regaining the knowledge, that any animal has and uses without thinking about it, and which lets us monitor our own body in a healthy way. The name itself – INNATE – points to the fact, that we have all we need in our selves; we were born with it!

When do you have enough?

Do you have the experience, that enough is enough? Chronic conditions have raged me all my life. Now I grasp for the rudder in order to take control! This is a concious choice. A strong desire builds up the needed momentum to break through the wall.

1-1 sessions

A 1-1 session is meant to give you the tools to realize and identify your traumas and to release them.

In further sessions you will learn to refine the tools to build up and strengthen your personality, to rediscover or maybe even create a new path for your life.