Single teaching session

Single teaching sessions are primarily offered to our class participants. If you participated in a class, single teaching sessions may help you fill in the gaps, or give you 1-1 time with the teacher to exercise your skills.

What is a teaching session?

Teaching sessions are 1-1 education, where you will meet the teacher face to face for 45 minutes, online. Although there are steps that have to be taken one after the other, teaching sessions are uniquely designed on your demand, suited for where you are at the current moment.

Teaching sessions will teach you how to heal. If you are looking for healing sessions, look here!

What about children?

For children and teenagers, teaching sessions will not be offered directly. The solution is that you as a parent take sessions, and then educate your child yourself.


The goal is, with your own person as case, to learn the INNATE method in order to create a happy and thriving life.

“Ole has a unique ability to help you listen to yourself and what goes on inside you, both physically, emotionally and spiritually.
With his calm and pleasant voice he makes you feel safe and cared for, and he also helped me finding my own inner calm.

We also did visualization exercises, where we addressed each topic to release pressure on all areas, and this made it so much easier to understand how to restore peace and calm within oneself and in one’s emotional field.”

Hedda Marlene, Single teaching sessions

Nøtterøy, Norway


90$ / 90€ / 900 NOK