Why this book

I would like to explain, why I wrote this book with a little glimpse from back then, when my daughter was around 10 years of age. I sat in the living room, in the warm afternoon light, that nourished our vegetable garden.

All of a sudden she came hushing down the stairs, aiming strait at the sewing box. She spoke without halt:

Daddy, how should I finish this one?

Actually she did not really speak to me. I just happened to be around, as she dived into the box:

These buttons, hmmm, maybe too big?

While she feverishly dug through the stuff, I looked at the item in question. It was a skirt, almost finished. She had found some cloth in a drawer, measured and cut it and sewn every stitch by hand. Now the only thing missing was something to button it with. Thoughtfully I dropped some words:

How about a zipper?

She continued to whirl through the content of the work box.

A hook? I don´t like this one!

I tried again:

Have you considered a zipper?

She found some other buttons without being content, threw them back and went on digging and speaking to her self.

I tried a third time:

Are you sure you don´t want to try a zipper?

Abruptly she jumped up and turned to me:

Do you have a zipper? Hey, why didn´t you say that in the first place? Hmmpf!

She pulled the zipper out of my hand and ran upstairs, resentful for the seconds waisted because of me.


Confronted with a problem, we tend to look in the toolbox we have, searching for tools we know of and are familiar with. Even though we know for sure, they are of no use for this actual problem. Where else should we look anyway? For what else should we search? The mere thought of a zipper will not hold you skirt in place. For that you need a real one at your hands.

The tools and methods you do not know of, that are not in your toolbox, they are not only outside your reach, they are difficult to imagine.

This is very much the case when it comes to maintaining your earthal person too. When you think the solution is in the health care system, there goes your attention, that is where you will search, and the solutions of said system is what you get and eventually choose from and pay for.

The INNATE method is meant to give you some very powerful tools – maybe the most powerful ones you will ever touch upon. We intend to lead you the whole way through, to a loving, thriving and happy state!