2 Pineal Gland

As the next of the endocrine glands we have the pineal or epiphysis cerebri1.

The pineal gland is part of the same limbic – and thus reptile – system as is the pituitary gland and is positioned approximately in the centre of the head.

The pineal gland looks very much like a pine cone. Hence the Latin word pineal, which means exactly that.

Just like with the winged disk, the pine cone has a story of it´s own. First off from ancient times it is known as the third eye. At picture 40 left is an example form Indian art, where Shiva2 is represented with the third eye visible on the forehead.

So, what is all the fuss about a third eye? Something about clairvoyance and New Age, isn´t it? Well, let us look into that for a moment.

The best known pine cone in the Western World is maybe the one to the right of the picture below. It is part of the ancient Fontena della Pigna3. This cone is huge. The cone alone is something between 2-3 metres high. Then comes the stand. All in all around 4-5 metres.

Supposedly it is almost 2000 years old. And it´s position? At the very heart of the Vatican City. Well, maybe it is simply a remnant, inherited from what ever resided there before the papal church moved in? Maybe. And yet this pine cone seems to be present at the core of, what it means to be a pope. Take a look at the papal tiara4 at the picture below.

This cone shape has found it´s way onto the head of most popes through all times. There are hundreds of these picture from all ages. Where the power structures of the world use the eagle, the winged disk and the processing pathways into the functions of the body, the Vatican with it´s popes has chosen the pine cone and blown it up to mighty proportions.

The tiara is often displayed in conjunction with three crowns. A crown is normally associated with a king. Hence the three crowns indicate the king of kings. The king with big K!

Well, the pope will never call him self the king of kings. Because that is – no doubt about it – Jesus Christ! The pope is merely and humbly representing the Son of God. Anything more than that would be hypocrisy.

These papal pine cones are the smoking gun. It is solid prof, that the pineal gland holds something, that is not so well known to the public; and which maybe even holds secrets, that some powers only reluctantly share with humanity.

And the papal pine cone can by no means be dismissed as New Age or questionable eastern influence!

Function of the pineal gland

Before we try to delve into the mystic secrets of the pine cone, let us look at it´s known scientific pathways and functions.

The pineal gland regulates some aspects of the pituitary gland, for instance some hormones responsible for growth and development of the child and especially sexual maturity.

The pineal gland has a whole lot to do with time. As it measures light – oh, there is something to the idea of the pineal gland being an eye then! – it tells the body, which time of the day and which season we are in, the so called circadian rhythms.

Obviously the pineal gland has an easier job to do for creatures living at equator, whence it tends to be smaller in equatorial individuals.

The primary tool of the pineal gland, through which it regulates the body, is melatonin. Hence we will want to trace problems concerning melatonin in order to pinpoint pineal problems following a Paralysis Hangover.


Melatonin is well known for the regulation of sleep and wake cycles. Thus Big Pharma has tried to create melatonin to enhance sleep quality for people, who work shift work. It did not help a lot. Then for people travelling and experiencing jet lag. Well, it helped somewhat for those travelling east… not really successful.

Maybe the answer lies in the fact, that natural production of melatonin through the pineal gland occurs periodic and very regularly. It seems that the pineal gland is highly influenced by the rhythm of day and night, where the perception of daylight is transmitted into the pineal gland. It becomes understandable, that the whole clockwork of the body can not easily be thrown around, whence the artificial introduction of melatonin meddles with how the body tries to cope with day and night.


This bodily understanding of day and night seems to count on an other very different level. If natural production of melatonin is reduced, it seems that the body´s ability to keep pace with time is disturbed.

Similar to biennial plants. If they experience a few weeks of cold, their growth comes to a halt. To the plant this lack of warmth, this halt in growth is perceived as a winter. When warmth comes back, then of course it must be summer again, and thus it must be the second summer in the plants life. As a biennial plant, you get it? It is time to blossom. As a farmer or homesteader you very much want your onions not to bolt; it is disastrous to the harvest!

When infants suffer from the Paralysis Hangover, the pineal gland does not deliver the necessary doses of melatonin. This deficiency causes the body to age quicker, just like the biennial plants.

It is not so, that the children grow to an adult size quicker; rather they mature earlier. This is called precocious puberty. Where as not so long ago signs of puberty were considered abnormal before the age of 13, now it is rather 10.

One thing, which is linked to precocious puberty, is obesity. Especially with girls. Well, not so obvious, but overweight should be dealt with anyway.

Exposure to light inhibits the production of melatonin. Modern humans are flooded in light from the moment they wake up until they fall a sleep. Many people will have some light during the night through a lamp or the TV set.

Especially bright white or blue light, which has some similarity to the light of the midday sun obviously inhibits the production of melatonin. As this bluish light increases intellectual productivity, the backlit screens of computers and phones tend to use day light spectres. In order to get ready for a good night sleep it is recommended to turn the bluish light off some few hours in advance. For smartphone as well as pc there are apps available, that gradually turns the light according to the day and night cycles.

Indoors there is a wide variety of light to choose from. If consciously chosen, you can enjoy right light for the hour all day long.

The big cities are never dark. Even the sky has some milky shades day and night. This one is obvious, yet really hard to break for the modern urban family.


The next one, however, is way more subtle: Calcification of the pineal gland.

A 3 year old girl was examined with CT scan, and as can easily be seen at the picture below5, there is something strange in the middle of her head. This white spot is the pineal gland. The whiteness indicates calcification.

Calcification will inevitably paralyse the pineal gland and thus reduce it´s ability to produce melatonin and regulate the body processes.

Where as calcification was seen as normal in adults, and the resulting paralysing of the gland nothing to worry about, because the body already had developed, the infant calcification is of bigger concern as it may be the primary cause for precocious puberty.

What to do? Your physician may fumble around with some vitamins; like vitamin K and D. Well, most kids may suffer from too little sun exposure, as the artificial light, which is predominant indoor, is a minor or even irrelevant source of D-vitamin. Most surely he will not mention calcification, as he has no remedies to offer.


But this one is creepy: Fluoride6. Already in the 1990th studies indicated, that fluoride plays an important role in the calcification. Fluorite easily accumulates in the body creating phosphate crystals, that merges with calcium in the pineal gland.

And just how does fluoride find it´s way into the human body? There are some commonly know pathways: Drinking water and toothpaste. The picture shows an example of such a toothpaste, created to fight tooth cavities. In many cities fluoride is added to drinking water for the same purpose.

Does it help? The picture below is from a paper about adding fluoride to water supply7. It shows the development of caries in a number of European countries from 1965 up until 2005. The trend is that all countries experience decline in the number of decayed, missing or filled teeth, independent of water fluoridation. However, the study was not able to account for other factors like nutrition and other sources like toothpaste.

On the other hand it is well documented, that fluoride easily can be overdosed and create damage to teeth: Dental fluorosis. In most cases it is identified by white spots on the surface of some teeth; in worse cases the teeth deteriorate beyond repair.

Sadly it does not stop with premature sexuality and tooth decay. A recent study reveals connections between fluoridation of drinking water and ADHD8. Which should not come as a surprise by the way, acknowledging that with fluoridation we are meddling with the core hormonal, endocrine system of the body.

Just for the record: Chlorine is very much doing the same thing. It is common in drinking water all over the globe. Even in countries, where it is forbidden, it is still used “when needed”.


Our bones are relatively rigid and slow changing structures. And yet over decades, these changes may become detrimental. This comes true, when the bone structure is not renewed properly. For a while the dairy industry managed to make the population believe, that this issue could be cured by drinking more milk. The reasoning was, that the bones lacked calcium and milk contains calcium. Well, it turned out there was no help in the cow´s milk.

A rather recent paper9 reveals, that the reason for osteoporosis may be found in a paralysis of the pineal gland. The paper explains, how bone growth is connected to release of melatonin from the pineal gland.


But there is more to the story. What about depression, peptic ulcers and sexual dysfunction? A paper10 connects these disturbingly common issues with melatonin deficiency. It furthermore states, that the decreased melatonin levels disturb the circadian rhythms and even connects it to psychotic depression11 12.

To understand, how decreased melatonin may lead to depression, the work of Rich Strassman may come to help. For decades he has studied the effects of melatonin and a related substance in the human body: N,N-dimethyltryptamine; in short DMT. Strassman calls DMT “the Spirit Molecule”13 and claims it to be the gateway to the spiritual world.

DMT is known to be a very potent psychedelic drug, and as such illegal in many countries around the world. And yet it is found everywhere in nature. It is found in a wide variety of plants and animals, not only humans.

DMT alters the perception of the environment. The physical world, with the earthal ground and oceans, with houses and roads, with defined bodies dilate or disappear. DMT mediates the passing of the threshold between the physical and the spiritual world, between the wake state of daytime and the dream state.

It is well known and documented, that sleep deprivation is as lethal as starvation. Strassman´s research adds another piece to the puzzle; the fatal consequences of sleep deprivation are to a big extend due to the lack of DMT and thus the psychedelic dream state experiences.

In other words we inhabit two worlds, and DMT is the tool our body uses to help us penetrate the physical realm and enter into the other dimension.

Our lifestyle and artificial environment makes this nightly transition increasingly difficult, and one of the prices we pay is depression.

With this knowledge we can close the circle back to the pope and his pine cone. Now we have an idea as to why this pineal gland has been highly honoured throughout all times.

There are a lot more to be said about the pineal gland, calcification and fluoridation. What about kidney disease14 or lower IQ15?

In order to bring the calcification to a halt or maybe even reverse it:

  • Avoid fluoride, chlorine and synthetic calcium.
  • Use a filter for your drinking water.
  • Use fluoride free toothpaste.
  • Eat organic, non processed food.
  • Use high quality cookware without non stick coating.

… and by the way: Get in charge in your body and let every cell feel the happiness, when the Paralysis Hangover is brought to a halt.





5Zimmerman and Bilaniuk: Age-Related Incidens of Pineal Calcification Detected by Computed Tmmography. 1982