Observe your INNATE body sensations

Whilst authenticity makes you a better father, mother, friend or companion, whilst it might make your life go smoother in most ways, this is only a worth while preparation for the lifesense to come.

A next step is to pay attention to your body sensations. Yes, you now have to make up for the diapers and all the tedious hours, days and years on the school bench. All the years where you obeyed your parents, siblings, teachers, co students, officers, employers and other authorities. All the times where you suppressed the call from inside yourself, where you did not dare to pay attention to your own voice and solely listened to the tyrannical demands from outside forces.

No matter what you are doing, try to have an eye on your body. Do you remember my story about slowly becoming unable to walk? That I did not listen to my body? The story which eventually build up to the big crisis with my yellow bike? Don´t be a fool like me. Don´t do that again. The first time is an unconscious incident. But when you now know, you cannot be serious and repeat the stupidity!?

When on duty, look out for your body whispering about tiny little discomforts. Make some adjustments to encourage this kind of conversation: Switch position, take a stretch or take a sip of your water bottle.

When occasionally digging your garden – which really comes as a surprise to the body for most of us – listen and break it up. Do not do all of it in one single day. Enjoy the benefit of the task being portioned out over some days in a row, so your body can adjust and enjoy.

Likewise, when you sign up for a race, do remember to accustom your body by exercising weeks and even months in advance.

When you are partying, realize that you have two voices: One enjoying the smells, the tastes and the good company. And an other more subtle voice asking you to sustain your body functions. The latter will presumably be content long before the first one. Listen to the latter and stay on good terms with it.

Again use your diary. When darkness falls, try to remember the episodes where you lost contact with your innate one and overturned it´s objections. Likewise write down the times, when you listened to it and adjusted your behaviour in accordance with it´s needs and wishes.

Use the brainstorming technique to prepare your subconscious to handle your life better tomorrow.

A basic observation on food and eating

Assume you are occupied with something. You are working/­reading/­talking/­chatting or whatever. All of a sudden you get a feeling, that you need something. You just feel a little uneasy and you realize you have thirst or hunger.

Your lifesense just drew your attention to the well being of your body.

Thus you get up and turn to the fridge and open the door. Upon opening, the first thing that catches the eye is a sausage and you immediately know, this is what you desire. Your desire is made up of more things. One part of the desire is the lust. This lust makes people abuse them selves to the point of no return.

An other part is the needs of the body. This sausage will give you, what you need!

Your lifesense helps you find the food you desire.

You take the sausage out of the fridge. The very moment you take it in your hand, your spouse will know, that something is wrong, even before it comes to your mind: What you hold in your hand is nothing but a left over. It is a tiny piece, just large enough to hold the features of a sausage. But now you realize, this is little but a smell and a taster. Your hunger is way bigger.

Your lifesense tells you, that this bit is too small for your hunger.

Well, after having added an egg or some veggies to the plate, you smile again and can enjoy the meal confident, that you will become satisfied and happy.

Your lifesense made a sophisticated calculation on the amount needed for your satifacation and you responded accordingly.

So now you know, you too have a functional lifesense, and that you unconsciously have used it day in and day out for your entire life. Maybe you now feel confident, that if you wish to, you too can bring this lifesense into you conscious life and utilize it for the benefit of yourself and your environment.

In the shopping mall

An other very basic area to observe your body reactions is, when you are close to other people. The shopping mall is excellent. And very specifically the short moments, when you are waiting in the queue.

Already when you from a distance see, that you will have to wait, you know, you cannot avoid the waiting, except by running away without paying, which is seldom an option. You simply have to tolerate, that you are not in charge. The people in front of you are. Some are quick and may even have the money ready. Other are clumsy. Moreover, some may start arguing and asking seemingly stupid questions, that definitely will steal you precious time.

Now you can spend these minutes building up stress and anger towards your fellow man or woman in the queue. This will spill over and spoil your mood for hours.

Or you can choose to be grateful for an opportunity to exercise your lifesense!

So what can you do? When you realize, that there is a queue, make a halt. Turn your attention to the body. Are there any sensations? Do you feel stress, then calm down as best you can.

Now with your attention on the sensations in the body start moving slowly towards the queue. When you are closing in on the last person in the row, be very observant. Move an inch at the time and pay attention. When you are closer than 1 meter to the next person you will realize, that there is a limit as to how close your body wants to come to an alien. Upon crossing this limit, you will sense a resistance. The body feels uneasy, unsafe that is.

Take a tiny step back and sense the uneasiness vanish. As the queue moves forward, you have the opportunity to exercise your ability to sense your body sensations in an excellent way, without wasting any time, and even without anybody realizing, what you are doing!

Brown snails

But let´s face it. Some people really don´t grasp it. They can to some extend follow the ideas. They understand the logic. But they seem to have plain no bodily awareness, except for the most urgent things: Hunger, thirst, tiredness and pain. Apart from these rugged experiences they live exclusively in their mind. Sadly the above description helps them in no way. To the contrary!

In a session with such a person I was about to give up. Then I got an idea of how to proceed. I asked the person, if there was something, he really disliked.




It was now or never. I had to come up with the one thing, that could give him a touch of it. Suddenly I got an idea. An ugly idea, indeed it was! Let´s have some brown slimy slugs from the garden. Here I have a bowl full of them, prepared for you.

I tried to paint the picture as vivid as possible, now slowly approaching him with the imaginary dish full of slimy, creepy slugs. And surprise surprise, as I drew the bucket really close to his face, he finally showed a minuscule tremble of disgust.

Immediately I jumped 10 feet away and turned the game: Now here comes your sweet-sugar-candy-5-years-old-daughter with flying braids yelling: Papa! Papa!

And in no time the ugly, slimy slugs were wiped away, and the patient was ready to embrace his beloved daughter!

In other words, everyone of us has a live lifesense. We indeed have these movements within our system: Shunning what we disgust or dislike and taking to our heart what we like and love. We only have to let go of the thoughts and expectations and open up to the perceptions, and a new untouched world opens up to us!