Dusty fairy tales

Maybe you thought, happiness were mere dust from fairy tales all forlorn? Looking around us the discrepancies are indeed dramatic. Did we ever have an infrastructure better suited to sustain a happy life? Yet, never were so many of us as sick and unhappy as now. Silently we take this sad situation for granted. The only way to obtain the exalted tranquillity of the Buddhist monk seems to be the long standing withdrawal to the secluded monastery. This is definitely not for everyone.

Nevertheless, we now know, that the most powerful tool for changing the world is our own attention. With it, we create our world. Yet, this tool is difficult to control. Actually we create all suffering with it as well. Hence attention is the core of most meditative practices.

In this book we have gathered knowledge from ancient religious practices, modern philosophy and latest research and transformed it into a rugged method. Instead of meditating for years to gain access to a higher state of being, you simply start exercising concentration. You can do it any time and in any situation! You can do it while you are eating, fishing, cleaning, driving or talking. You can do it at dedicated moments, while you go peeing middle in the night or with your friends at the pub. Each tiny moment will add to your learning process and help you gain access to the deepest levels of your being. It has the ability to calm and soothe your entire system. When diligently pursued, it inevitably leads to better health and inner peace, and subsequently happiness.

Where any other system will make you fight to keep you concentrated, the INNATE method is created to overcome exactly this crucial point: From now on anybody, who really desires it and sticks to it, will succeed!

This book will give an overview of background and research and an introduction to the method.

If you encounter problems on your way, please do not hesitate telling us. If you do not succeed, we may have missed a point, that we need to address. On the other hand we might be able to give you the little extra to help you out!

As a matter of fact, when you have learned the INNATE method, we hope we never see you again! As a reoccurring costumer, that is! We would rather help you through this education quick, once and for all! We wish you to obtain health and happiness for the rest of your life! Because in this way we can rest assured, that you can confidently help family and friends.

And think about it: If you every now and then can give just one person close to you the choice to become healthy and happy, within some few years we will have reached out to every person on the planet!

Because you know what: This method has the ability to transform you. It will open your heart and increase your ability to think and love!

People who can wholeheartedly love and who are able to connect the dots; there is no way they will step back: They will join the ranks and work for peace and prosperity.

Free lunch

When it comes to health, healing and happiness, there are lots of offers out there. Out there may be referred to as a market. An offer is about something being sold by someone, and bought by someone else. This is also a written and printed book, part of commerce that is! So how to deal with deals about health, health plans and happiness in a sober way?

First thing to be cautious about are free lunches. It is a saying that “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch!” What is this supposed to mean?

The “free lunch” refers to the once-common tradition of saloons in the United States providing a “free” lunch to patrons who had purchased at least one drink. Many foods on offer were high in salt (e.g., ham, cheese, and salted crackers), so those who ate them ended up buying a lot of beer.1

What would a free lunch look like in the world of health? What about a health care system, where you more or less free of charge can visit a doctor? It is free, but you might end up with an advice or medication, that does not equate to your problem, but only tries to ease the symptoms. In addition to that, potentially it adds to your problems by exposing you to new chemical substances, thereby creating a cocktail of unknown side effects. You end up buying a hole lot of beer!

Quick fix

Which brings us to the quick fixes. Most pills and prescriptions are merely quick fixes, which you might have understood at least to some extend; whence you are reading this book. But quick fixes are not a species of traditional health care systems trading chemistry and hospitals alone. So called alternative medicine indeed has its own tempting offers on sale.

An alternative weekend course may try to hook you up with deceiving promises like: Heal yourself or Stop feeding your cancer. Where as the message as such might not be wrong. The process of changing from being sick with cancer and unhappiness to becoming happy and healthy is seldom achieved within the time frame of a weekend. You might however get a glimpse of the holy grail, that eventually – with lots of devotion and maybe even struggle on a thorny and narrow way – can help you out.

So let it be perfectly clear: The way of the INNATE one is not about quick fixes. It´s about thousands of small dedicated steps through the valley, rather than one exciting, but risky jump over the cliff. It is the story about how to find the way back into a new life, where we not only outperform the animals in terms of sustained health, but make the change into the realm of humanity; from war to peace and love.

Most importantly the INNATE method implies a new way of living. You cannot continue, what you always did and yet expect the changes you wish for.

The car parable

After having lived for decades in stress and with some kind of conditioning or even traumas from early childhood, we happily jump on a weekend course to fix our lives. Even when we understand, that it demands diligent work to get back on track, we may become disappointed, if it does not show benefits immediately.

Look at it this way. A man buys a car. He gets it cheap, because there are a few issues. Battery is broke, sparkpluggs are bad and a tire is punctured. The man first buys one new tire. With it he has solved one out of three problems, hence the improvement should be 33%, right? Well, no. It definitely feels better, but even with four well functioning wheels, the car does not ignite and stays grounded.

Next he buys a new battery and gets it installed. Now 67% is fixed. To his great disappointment, the car still does not move one single inch.

First when new spark plugs are correctly installed, all three issues are dealt with. Now the ignition will fire and the car is fixed. Now and first now you will be able to wholly enjoy a ride. Now the car can take you whereever you want.

In other words, no matter how much you struggle and strain your self to eat right, drop alcohol, no sweets, no smoking, good sleep, regular exercise and so on, no matter what, your vehicle will never become fit for the highway of a happy life, without taking care of the whole unit, which your body comprises. For most of us dealing with stress and trauma is inevitable.

And no, I am not talking about traumas like “I survived a bomb shell in Afghanistan” or a shark attack. Not even a car accident or a violent rape. By all means, they apply too. And yet, for such traumas your psychiatrist may at least have some measures.

But they are only the top of the iceberg. The INNATE method is for all those, who leave the doctors office with his little comforting assertion, that there is nothing wrong with you. You are fine! And yet you do not feel fine. To the contrary. Exhausted. Lamed. In constant pain. Unhappy. And now even with a new label: Hypochondria, traumatizing in it self!

To regain health, we need to pay attention to some few things:

1) First we have to remove the physical consequences of traumas, some of which we may not even be aware.

2) The next step will be the harder part: To deal with stress and trauma, that still inflict our every day life.

3) First then it really pays off to correct and incorporate elements of a more natural life style, at least just so much as to stay alive, and maybe even go for the luxury of happiness.

The first two steps is what INNATE is all about. This book however will concentrate on the first step. For the third step you may already be well informed.

Science or fiction

Is this book scientific? Well, maybe you should rather consider it a piece of art. And that for several reasons.

First off, the author has no officially observed, scientific education what so ever. Next he does not belong to any branch of academia. He is not even recognized by any group of professionals.

And yet, this book represents the results of a path walked and work done. It is the result of targeted research. It brings ideas and facts together and explains, how they relate and brings about real changes in your life.

In terms of modern science it is fiction. The INNATE method concerns subtle processes, to which your doctor hardly ever paid any attention. It is all about the basics, which only appear at the surface of your health care bill decades after the causes were seeded; as dire consequences that is.

Therefore in this book we do not deal with diagnoses or diseases; we do however applaud, when a symptom disappears and a diagnose is modified, regardless what brought the changes about.

A myth about negations

Did you ever hear, that our subconscious mind does not understand negations? Well, the Internet flourishes with expressions like this: “What happens, when you say: Do not think of a pink elephant? You think of a pink elephant, that simple!”

This saying absolutely has something to it, though it´s not particularly scientific. Of course the mere mentioning of a pink elephant will bring the attention to a pink elephant. Obvious. Likewise will the sentence: “Don´t fall in love with me” direct the listeners attention to the speaker. But if it worked, this would be magic and we would not have so many unhappy couples, would we? So, no. You definitely cannot bring somebody to love you just by telling then not to. People basically do what ever they want, independent of what you are telling them.

What is more important for the matter of this book however is, whether the subconscious understands any words at all. And if it does not, we do not have to bother about “not” either.

The short answer to this question is: No! The subconscious does not communicate by means of any spoken language. Spanish is as good or bad as Chinese. Sacred whispers from Tibet likewise. Therefore “love” is understood just as little as “not”. The assertion that negations do not work therefore is merely superstition you might say. Or misinterpretation of how we humans interact with each other.

Sometimes I have to speak to my subconscious addressing first let us say left leg and then the right leg. Incidentally I happen to find myself saying “left”, but having my attention on the right. And when I then try to sort the confusion out, I find that my work followed my attention, not my words.

This becomes more obvious with feelings. You can say “sadness” as often as you want only to find out, that this word is merely a linguistic representation of a feeling. If you cannot feel it, it is not a feeeeling. The other way round: The stronger you feel the feeling, the clearer the message to the subconscious and the easier it is received.

To bring this topic to an end you actually do not have to say anything at all. The subconscious does not need anything but the attention or the feeling. Maybe we actually communicate with our subconscious via pure telepathy…

As if it already happened

Did you ever hear, that in order for magic to work, you have to believe, that your wishes already have come true, that what you want, is already there, that the transformation has already happened?

Well, where as this might be true, there is a crucial point to it. What you want to happen, has indeed not happened yet. With your conscious and calculating mind you know, it is not true. To the opposite, it´s a lie. How can you build anything upon a lie? How could you even try to convince yourself to believe in an outright lie in the first place? It is ridiculous, is it not?

Only when we understand, which state of mind must be activated in order for the magic to take place, it makes perfectly sense. Because in the delta state, as opposed to beta, there is no yesterday or tomorrow; there is only now. There is no here and there in space. There is only BEING. This is the state, where we are all one. So from now on you do not have to fool yourself any more. In your hands you have the red thread, which will lead you to the inside information needed to overcome the superstition surrounding the transformations you want in your life.

About numbers

Throughout this book measurements, numbers and statistics will be presented. Numbers without reference are a result of my own perception and are but subjective representations of the phenomenons they refer to.

Imagine someone asked: In percent of best possible, how well does my colon work? He receives the answer: 64%. He asks a friend to perform the same measurement, and surprise surprise: He comes up with 79%. A third person turns up claiming 23% is the true number.

How come? The simple but striking answer is, that the three answers may all be right, each in their own way. Because each of the three persons may have measured based on different understandings of the question. One person may think exclusively of bowel movements, when thinking of “colon work”. Another may think of absorption, where as a third think of both these functions and a lot more. The more you know, the more you will be able to evaluate and comprehend.

This is true with most topics. What do you know about lichens in the arctic? Natural dyes? Or the processor in your fridge? Make an analysis based on your knowledge.

Read about the topic for a few minutes and realize how much more there is to it. Then do your evaluation again and see the numbers of your analysis align with your new knowledge.

The point is: Regardless of the power of your unconscious mind; it cannot process the unknown. If your conscious mind is not aware of the functions of the pineal gland, your subconscious cannot give but vague hints as of a malfunction. The pineal gland will remain a blind spot, until you realize your blindness and start investigating it.

Should you come up with other numbers than those presented in this book; yours may be more correct than mine. So please, do not use the values mentioned as references anywhere; they are only meant as impulses and inspiration for your own research.

About foot notes

In order to present an unorthodox research material to the public we need to do our homework, needless to say. The author must establish confidence from the first moment. Confidence from the inherent logic transmitted by the text is the preferred method. Can it be explained, understood and comprehended, you don´t need much more. Otherwise you will need so called modern science evidence. When material, which is not common knowledge, is used, links are provided.

Citations – not the least those from the Holy Scriptures – are selected solely to fit and support the authors ideas.

No citations should them selves – nor even the works, they are derived from or their authors – be taken into account for the ideas presented in this book.

About pictures

Most of the pictures are based on Wikipedia media shared in Public Domain or Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0. Almost all of them are modified to fit the needs of the message of this book. These pictures are provided with links to Wikipedia.

Pictures without links are my own.