How we lost it

As a matter of fact it is rather embarrassing for us human beings, that we are totally ignorant to the inner voice of our body, where as any animal out there, even our pets are fully aware. Not only are they aware, they act on their observations, which becomes perfectly clear from an experience, I had with a little – actually quite young – dog.

I sat at the table speaking important things with a good friend. All of a sudden I realized, that his young dog lay under my chair licking my heel diligently. My friend became worried and wanted to kick the annoying dog out the front door, but luckily I remembered a wound, that I had gotten from pedalling without shoes. You guessed right: Biking is my thing!

The foot had slipped on the raw steel pedal and left my heel bleeding. The scratch did not heal well and had become infected. Now the dog did a thorough licking until it, as sudden as it started, left me and withdrew to it´s basket. The wound healed within some few days without any further ado.

So any animal just knows how to heel them selves, and even each other! And they do it without asking and with out any expectations what so ever.

The first question that occurs is: How do they realize, that a fellow being is in need? The next question is equally bothersome: How do they know, when a wound is properly dealt with?

Some would say, they smell the blood or the infection. That´s how predators track their pray.

Actually sniffing dogs are used, not only to find narcotics, but also cancerous spots on humans; long before it becomes visible to the naked eye and long before any medical detecting devise reacts:

“The main significance of the test is life-saving early detection (of cancer). Since dogs can identify the characteristic scent of the disease,” says Uri Bekman, a dog trainer at Prognose.1

Well, there might be something to it, but lots of stories tell otherwise, indicating that the dogs act on some kind of message from the body, with the same ease as we respond to the spoken language.

Jerry Tennant2, who researched the physics of body voltage extensively, was life threatening ill for a couple of years:

I developed encephalitis (inflammation of the brain), neuropathies (paralysing inflammations in the nervous system), a low platelet count, and other nervous system defects in 1994… I also developed spastic movements … For almost seven years, I slept about sixteen hours per day.» While he lay powerless in his bed, his two small dogs passionately guarded his head and spleen respective; exactly the two places, where his body was affected.

How could we ever loose it?

Assuming we humans had this ability along with any other animal on this planet, be it whales, pigs, snakes, worms, spiders or amoebas; how could we ever loose it?

One big difference between us, the civilized people, and animals, is the degree to which we are influenced, affected and controlled by our society; each other that is.

There are different mechanisms in our human environment, that act together to erase this crucial sense from our consciousness. In some unspoken way we all agreed to participate in this nullification.

Some of these mechanisms are set to work in the home. Others in kindergarten, schools and universities. Yet other ones are brought to work in the military, police and politics.

All these methods are basically erected on one and the same command: Do not listen to your body awareness!

They have different approaches though. They demand you to:

  • Wait until schedule, or you will miss the point/train/job.
  • Stay in the situation. That´s what you are paid for.
  • Pay attention, or you will have to pay otherwise!

They tell you that:

  • You are obliged to …
  • You are not allowed to …
  • Its not civilized to …
  • Its forbidden to …

The diaper as shut down mechanism

The diaper; such an innocent thing! How could you suspect it? It´s only purpose is to prevent leakage and help mammy keep the house clean. If babies dropped this and that everywhere in the house, it would be very uncomfortable for the rest of their family! So yes, it saves time and gives us a higher quality of life!

Actually in Scandinavia the word for diaper is associated with wedge: ble/bleie. Where as the word diaper refers to the fabric, the wedge tells us a very different story. To keep the faeces from leaking, we use a wedge. With the wedge we plug the hole. It is the hole, that creates the problem. Wedge it, and the problem is gone; we are done!

The diaper manifests a mechanistic understanding of the child being some kind of thing, an object. You put some organic matter in up front. After a short while, service is needed in the other end. If you do not recognize it, you will have to pay for it. But luckily there are remedies to help you out: With a diaper the leaking holes can be plugged!

For the parent this means more time between services. On the way from kindergarten it is possible to visit the food store. And with some annoying smell spreading out in the car, we still manage to pick up sister after her riding lesson and get home and start diner. Then, and first then, attention can be put on a very stinky and heavy diaper.

For the object – the child – the story is somewhat different. You get an impulse from the body. The body tells you to pay attention. Something is going on. Something wants to get out, very soon. The child´s attention turns inward for a moment. For the trained eye it is easily recognizable. The child stops in the middle of a movement and the toy drops dead to the ground. Where as it was busy explaining something very important a moment ago, you hear no sound. The eyes are staring wide open, unfocused, while the child tries to cope with the demands of the body. It tries to position itself, instinctively, to get rid of the excrements without getting dirty.

While seated in the car, tied by the safety belt, fitted with a diaper, these precautions work poorly. And the mother, fully absorbed by the demanding afternoon traffic, is by no means aware, what happen to and with the child. Her body is aware of the child, as at a certain level we are all one! But in her conscious mind she has learned to ignore the signals in order to get through the potential dangers of the traffic and reach their destination without any injuries.

After a while maybe the child gets uneasy and may even begin to cry. Which by the way only stresses the strained mother even more. She now experiences a conflict. Her instinct tells her to nurse the child, where as her conscious mind is painfully aware, that she has her program and must stick to it; otherwise the schedule of the hectic family life brakes apart.

What happens then, when the child is unable to do, what is needed, when its voice is not heard by the mother, when the diaper gets full and stinky?

What happens when the body tells the baby: I want to let go of something? The baby will have to tell the body:

Can´t help you!

By each new signal from the body, the answer to the body is:

Can´t help you!

What happens is, that the system of the child reorganizes for efficiency. There seem to be no use of this function – the body awareness – whilst it is not reacted upon. It does not matter to anyone, it does not help anyway.

Supper as shut down mechanism

Next up is supper. When finally the family has come together, it is time for supper. Everybody has their own seat and is demanded to take it. Now «quality time» is up. Everybody knows, that supper time is important for the well being of the family. Therefore certain rules have been brought in place. They may consist of some of the following:

  • You do not start eating, before everybody is present
  • You eat from your own plate
  • You have to use fork and knife
  • You canot use your fingers
  • You eat what is on your plate
  • You will eat up and leave an empty plate
  • You have to sit at your chair throughout the meal
  • You do not leave the table unless you have to go to the toilet
  • We share experiences from kindergarten/school/job
  • We speak polite and civilized with each other

Of course there is something to being «civilized». Yet to any of these points we could write a story equal to the one about the diapers. Each of these «rules» will interfere with your body awareness at some point. And if you can not respond to the messages from the body, because they are out of line with these rules, then the same thing happens here as with the diaper: The function is shut down in order to streamline the system: What does not work, is rationalized away.

School as shut down mechanism

As you may have understood by now, school and any other institution does the same, in different ways that is. At school you:

  • do what the teacher tells you
  • stay quiet during lessons
  • only speak when you are allowed to

… and so on.

basically you behave! Which means, that you have to suppress important messages from your body, telling you to

  • elaborate on something on your mind
  • stay with what you are doing
  • get up and move
  • get away from abusive classmates
  • drink or eat
  • rest for a while

But you can not. The regime forbids you to follow your inner needs. Breaking any of the rules will bring you a message of complain to your parents, and they will have to punish you in some way or other. Their sad faces alone is a punishment!

The rest of our lives we continue the patterns, we learned as children. We stay tuned on working to get money to pay our daily bread, taxes and life insurance.


2Jerry Tennant: Healing is Voltage. The Handbook.