Household of energy

Lifeforce through lifecycle

At any time in life everybody has a certain amount of lifeforce at disposal. The amount ofcourse differs from person to person and is dependent on all kinds of things. If your total is high, you can party three days drunk without sleep, then crash your car into a tree with 100 mph. and still just be some few hours late at work monday morning with a broken arm.

To the contrary old and fragile people often times end their lives based on relatively harmless incidents. Reaching out for something on a high situated shelf in the kitchen leads to a fall and damage to the femoral neck. Off it goes to the hospital, with susceptibility to all kinds of infections and within weeks many such persons die of lung inflamation or the like.

Basically the newborn baby will have full power and the dying person zero.

However, we will deal with what you have, your potential here and now; not what you once had or what will be the case if and when.

Four uses of lifeforce

For the understanding of the INNATE Method we will differentiate between four ways to use the lifeforce:

  • Free: Free lifeforce
  • Active: Lifeforce bound in Active conflicts
  • Passive: Lifeforce bound in Passive conflicts
  • Body: Lifeforce bound in the body

As we enter down the ladder from Free to Body, it becomers more and more obscure and hidden. However, at the same time it becomes easier for each step down to release the potential.

If we think of the lifeforce as a fluid, we can imagine a picture of four basins. Power is constantly poured into the system through the lowest part.

Each of the basins underlie their own specific laws and must be dealt with accordingly. If any of the basins are leaky, happyness is unachievable. Happyness is only possible with a fully functional system.

Lifeforce bound in the body

The lifeforce constricted and latent in Body is invisible to the untrained eye. Only after decades it reveals itself in the so called cronic diseases. These diseases all originate in a lack of lifeforce and will ultimately lead to a painful death.

Depending on how your body is configured, this lack of lifeforce will turn up in rheumatism, constipation or high bloodpressure.

However, as difficult as it is to identify the causes, as easy it is to relieve them, and therefore they are removed as the first part in order to get access to some lifeforce in one of the first sessions.

The average person has 15% of their lifeforce locked down in Body.

How does this locked down part of the lifeforce come about? In nature any traumatic experience will block the access to some or all lifeforce, but only for the short while, until the conflict is resolved: Threatened by the cat; is the mouse eaten or not? It only takes seconds to find out.

If the mouse survives, the body is freed within minutes of restitution.

Most humans conflicts are not solved that quick, and when they eventually are, the body does not remember and reconnize it as resolved, whence the connection to the Source of lifeforce cannot be properly restored.

In other words, the locked down part of the lifeforce originates in conflicts, that are long gone. What is needed to free this blocked power is loving, intentional attention.

Such conflicts may originate in:

  • Conception
  • Pregnancy
  • Birth
  • Early childhood

If the leaks are not healed, if Body is bottomless, that is all power is blocked and locked, nothing will flow on to the next basins.

Body sucks all power out of the system.

A person with 100% Body is very selten. What could it look like? Maybe something like a coma, where the person is unaccessible and unable to move or act. Hence the indifferent face.

Passive conflicts

If Body is healed and has no more leaks, power can flow into and penetrate the second basin and maintain Passives.

This is not experienced as a great lift and does not bring any happyness at all. It just opens the gates to a confusing new world of needs: The Passives.

If you are tired all day independently of what you try to do, if you have tried anything possible such as:

  • New job
  • Fractional job
  • Diets
  • No partying
  • Better sleeping routines
  • Psychologist
  • Physician
  • All kinds of tests and medications

… and nothing changes, you most likely are stuck and lamed in or rather occupied by Passives.

Contrary to Actives, the Passives are not obvious. They do not present them selves on a daily basis. They simply lie in the depth of your system, permanently draining the lifeforce without leaving any traces; except for the deadly tiredness that is.

Ultimately this is called ME/CFS or chronic fatigue syndrome. ME/CFS strikes only something like 1% of the population. Even so, for the average person one third of all power is locked up in Passives, which means, this is big!

Not only is the number big, but it is big in the way, that it is much easier to relieve old Passives than to learn and implement new ways to interact with relatives and environment. Hence these 30% are easily harvested.

Body is healed, but Passives suck all available power.

A person with 100% of the lifeforce locked in Passives is selten, but even 80% means a very heavy life, with lots of time spent unanimated in bed.

If Passives is healed and has no more leaks, power can flow into and penetrate the third basin and maintain Actives.

Hovever, how wonderous it is to finally be able to ”function” in life, this brings little room for happyness. It is still a sad life.

Active conflicts

Plumming the leaks in the second basin does not lead to happyness, simply because the power now becomes available to the Actives.

Most of us are aware of these Actives. We use wordings like:

The relaitonship with Peet sucks!

I am totally drained from work!

That the relationship sucks means, that there is a conflict, and the expression sucking clearly explains, how it drains the lifeforces out of the person, to the degree, that she gets painfully aware of it. Because it is a relationship, it does so on a permanent basis.

For the average person 50% of available lifeforce is consumed by Actives. This is not to say, that anything is resolved. Remember, the lifeforce is locked in Actives. It is still a drain!

You do not need to quit your job or even divorse in order to reduce your Actives. Actually, such big measures will most often not change anything in the equation. You only change the environment, not the problem. It will follow you and unnoticed inflict your new job, your new relationship.

Body and Passives are healed, but Actives sucks all power.

The most important thing to do is to learn how to live without creating and maintaining Actives. To many people this is a crucial step, and may be the part, that blocks their way into freedom, because it demands too much of their preprogrammed subconscious mind.

Other types of active conflicts are:

  • Your job is boring/stressing/nerving
  • You are faced with bankrupsy
  • You are in love with someone else than your spouse
  • Your parents/spouse/boss controlls your every move

Free Lifeforce

If Actives are healed and has no more leaks, all power can be used under the law of Free Will.

If you are happy, singing all day, cheering up your pals, saying yes! to crazy ideas like getting up at 4:30 in the morning only to listen to the awakening of the world, you most likely have free lifeforce in abundance.

All lifeforce is at your disposal. You are in charge and the invested lifeforce rewards you with a rich and saturated life. Each day you go to sleep with wholehearted thankfulness and confident, that the next day will work out for you.

This is where we want to be and where we are aming at with the INNATE Method. The average person has no available Free, so rest assured, there is a lot to gain here!

However, gain is not that simple. You have to work yourself through the previous three stages in order to set your power free.

The system maintains a happy and thriving life 🙂

Case studies

In order to understand these mechanisms better, case studies may clearify some points.

Divorced mother

First we have Joel. A divorsed woman with children. As she started out in march there was no free power and most of her potential was bound in Passives and in Body as can be seen on the chart.

The 25% locked in Body implies, that she had been doing some balancing of early childhood traumas more or less unconsciously. Which by the way is more common than most of us recognize. We yell and curse our beloved ones as best we can, and often times not at the most apropriate times:

I hate you for doing this!

I wish you far away now!

I would rather see you dead!

As you will soon enough recognize, these are common sentenses used to balance and release lifeforce from Actives as well as Passives.

Lifeforce development for Joel

Her Passives were left overs, the part of the traumas from early childhood, that she had not been able to release.

Both the lifeforce in Passives and Body was easily and eagerly released within some few weeks.

From the march numbers in the chart one could be tempted to predict easy work and a quick way out of lameness and out into power freedom.

However, that did not happen. Where as the march number for Actives was an impressive low of 10%, in april we clearly see a dramatic rise: 75%!

What had happened? For years she had been living in a low power situation with little or no extra ability to master her Actives, where the main one obviously was her relationship with the father of her children.

As lifeforce gradually was freed from Passives and Body, it was immediately funneled into the vacuum of the next level, which happened to be her relationship conflict. Even though the couple had divorsed one year prior, the Active actually flarred up anew.

Even in may, when she stopped the work, all potential lifeforce was trapped in the active relationship conflict. Seen from the outside though – and from her perspective – there was not really any conflict any more.

From an energetic point of wiev it was rather so, that she had finally given up on the relationship, and now the old patterns were accepted with resignation.

Some time in the future, as the children grow out of the parent´s care, the conflict may slowly withdraw from an active state to a passive one.

Father driven out of his home

Kim was an intelligent man, that thought he could mannage life through logic. When he contacted the INNATE facilitator, he had been living for a while in a small cabin outside his good house, from where his wife had banned him. Yet he was expected to earn good money and take care of all housing, vehicles and technical things; all the stuff a father and husbond gladly do.

Now he was worn out and ready to give it a break, to leave wife and children, family and lifework behind and start over.

From his chart you can see, that his Free was zero in april. At that time he had not been working through much of his childhood traumas either, resting most of his time in the beta mind, which restricts this from happening.

From the first session Kim understood, that maybe he was not doomed, and soon his motivation became as high as the stakes. Within the first weeks he freed most of his energy from the Passives and Body and made it available to his main Active, namely that with his wife.

Within the next short weeks he learned the skills, that enabled him to lift him self out of Actives. Armed with an abundance of Free, he permanently changed the course of his life; that of the whole family actually!

He moved back into the house and started doing the things you have to do in order to make your wife happy. Well, in order not to make any mistakes here, those things will not be mentioned ;- )

Lifeforce development for Kim