Out of Paralysis Hangover

How long the healing and rebuilding of the body will take depends on the state of the body. To switch off the dorsal vagus and thus the resulting Paralysis Hangover function of the autonomous nervous system is a one time and instant action. The release of tension in organs and muscles is mostly immediate, although it may be time consuming to track down any and all influenced parts of the body. Even twists in the sphenoid bone, atlas and pelvis disappear within minutes.


For the fascia to rebuild is another story as for a muscle to relax. Thus the process may take some weeks or even months. This can be asked for at any moment in the process.


For the terminal cancer stricken person it may be too late to rebuild the yeast. The body may not have the needed power to create new tissue. In one such case only 6% was achieved at death, two month after treatment.

An over weight lady age 60 had recently had a breast removed because of cancer. For years she had been on medication for among other things high blood pressure. It took three month for her body to rebuild 90% of the yeast tissue.

A man age 47, slim, agile, physically active, with no diagnoses or prescriptions, though highly stressed, spent 2 month to reduce yeast tissue with 90%.

For a 2 ½ years old girl the same process only took 10 days.

There seem to be no issues with the rebuilding. The body simply adapts to more oxygen and performs the transformation without hesitation or discomfort.

Emotional reactions

For all of the above there generally will be no emotional reactions. Hence there is no need for precautions.

If a patient is consciously taking part in a session, some emotional reactions may occur though. What happens is, that the patient is dealing with unresolved mental or emotional issues, which actually is a next level and not part of this book.

It is alright to work on more levels simultaneously, if one is capable of resolving the emerging issues, that is.

In other words the method described in this volume is not intended or able to solve emotional issues. They are not touched upon. Actually with the above mentioned method the body only releases the tensions, that are no longer needed for the holding of the stress created during the time, when soul and or spirit is disconnected.

If a person is in the middle of a traumatic situation – for instance being regularly abused – the consequences thereof may only partially be released until the source – the abuse – is dissolved.