Guided healing session


Now we have walked you through the process of setting most any point in the body structure free, so now is the time to frame the whole matter and make it happen!

Especially for the first learning phase you may find the next steps important and valuable. Over time, as you become more acquainted with the procedures, you will be able to do, what is needed under most circumstances and almost without the demands for time and space, which is needed for this guided heeling session.

If you now master the technique of measuring the loads on body and organs through the conscious use of your lifesense, do it. Measure the load before you take on a next step and be sure to reduce the load down to zero.

Use either percentages or the simpler and quicker Yes or No.

For the heeling to take place, you need to have processed the relevant information with your Beta-mind, and you have bravely done so by reading and comprehending the content of this book.

Next you need to feel safe. Feeling safe is not just about your physical body. Regarding this guided heeling session, feeling safe means, that you trust, what is presented to you here. That you feel safe taking the steps, you are invited to. That you feel sure, this will do you good. It means, that you trust the process and the author, me!

If you can trust my words, it will be easier for you to leave your Beta-mind on pause. The Beta-mind is most active in stressful and dangerous situations, when there are things to be gained or avoided.

With your trust in my words the process is monitored; the guiding does, what your Beta-mind otherwise would have to do for you in order for anything of this to happen. With your Beta-mind relaxed you can focus all your power on the heeling, you want to take place.

Healing can not and will never take place through the Beta-mind. It is straight out impossible. The Beta-mind plans it, and the Delta-mind executes it. The activity of the Beta-mind is a consumer of lifeforce big time; the Delta-mind is the transmitter of lifeforce.

For the healing to take place, we have to enter the realm of magic. We have to leave time and space. By focussing on the sensations of the body, we do exactly that.

For now, decide for a quiet, comfortable place. Quiet means no interrupting, annoying or incidental disturbances or surprises. You are not in a room, where all of a sudden somebody walks in and feels at home and serves tee for some friends or argues loudly. You do not have to feed or walk your dog, and your cell phone is shut of.

Comfortable means that your body is taken care of. You are not hungry or thirsty, you are calm and not exhausted. You are sitting or lying, so that you do not have to pay attention to the stool, a gird or the room temperature.

Suspended man


Perceive the wholeness of your person.

Perceive the physical body, that now comes to rest in a chair or on the coach.

Your soul being dare feel safe and guarded.

Your spirit being oversees all of your person, pays attention and confirms, that the you-ness is ready.

Even though you are sitting or lying, feel the rooting power streaming and stretching down through your legs, your feet, and down into the ground. You are rooting yourself. You connect to Mother Earth. Your roots connect to the core of Mother Earth. You become One with Mother Earth. She sustains your life, and you give yourself over, as a part of the conscious field, that constitutes her aura.

Bring your conscious attention to the utmost point of your head. Visualize that a hair strand is located exactly there. Visualize this hair strand starting to elevate. The body of the hair strand is lifted. It straightens, it erects it´s body towards the sun.

Visualize the sun radiating through the universe. It is an everything penetrating radiation. The light of the sun is that, which brings life.

A tiny ray, emanating from the sun, comes your way. It searches for and finds a hair strand on the top of your head.

The hair strand on the utmost top of your head gives itself over to the overwhelming power of the ray from your eternal being.

Like an almighty hand, the sun ray pulls on your hair strand. You feel the lifting power, and your body becomes light as a feather.

With your toes, you have to grasp the surface of the earth in order not to slip from the ground, in order to maintain the rooted connection to Mother Earth.

Your body dangles gently, moved by the gentle breeze from the sun wind. From the head the impulses move down, as if animating each pearl on a necklace, one after an other. From the soles of your feet these impulses spread out into the earth and are absorbed by the loving mother.

Return of the King

You are connected.

Rest assured, that your body is sustained by the earth.

Lift your inner view from the ground.

Feel the difference between the warming, surrounding, embracing, nourishing earth and the radiant, directing, power of your Higher Self, presenting itself disguised in the rays of the sun above you.

Give yourself over to the guidance of your Higher Self.

Know that separation is pain.

Returning to your source, reconnecting with your Higher Self, is the true meaning of the word, the phenomenon re-ligion.

Your Higher Self has send it´s emissary to gather earthal experience. The emissary´s sole purpose is to reflect the earthal experience of the Higher Self.

This emissary is your person.

When your person understands and subjects to it´s sole purpose, there will be no pain and no illness.

In doing so, the Higher Self can exert free will through it´s person.

Hence connected, healing can take place.

What was dark, becomes enlighted.

The power of the spirit can again take hold of the body.

The master returns to his righteous throne.

Taking back the body

Passing along the strand of hair the releasing power of the Higher Self flows into the body.

Every dark spot is lit.

Every void is filled.

Each and every cell awakens.

They feel reason activation.

Under the righteous command organs, muscles and tissue wake up and listens.

Body fluids are joyfully circulating purposefully.

The first wave flushes down through the spine, the inner organs, out through arms and legs leaving the body glowing.

Paying attention to all parts of the body

Pay attention to the nervous system.

Let power and light radiate through the brain, through the 13 cranial nerves. Follow the impulses down through the spinal cord and out as it diffuses in the periphery of organs, muscles and skin.

Pay attention to the endocrine glands.

Let the power and light sparkle through the nervous system and ignite the glands.

Pituitary gland. Pineal gland. Thyroid gland. Thymus gland. Pancreas. Adrenal glands. Ovaria and Testicles.

Pay attention to the viscera.

Heart. Lungs. Bronchi. Oesophagus. Stomach. Small intestine. Large intestine. Pancreas. Liver. Gall bladder. Spleen. Kidneys.

And to the sphincters: Upper oesophageal. Lower oesophageal. Pyloric. Ileocecal. Anus. The peristaltic.

Pay attention to your musculoskeletal system.

Release the whole unit of connective tissue and let the body become soft and flexible.

Penetrate the skull with all of it´s bones.

Penetrate the face likewise.

Touch upon the neck muscles controlling the movements of the head.

Touch upon the muscles and tendons around the atlas and the other vertebrae in the neck, thorax, lower back, sacral bone and pelvis.

Release the psoas connecting the lumbar vertebrae with the tights.

Focus on the breath and release the diaphragm, trapezius and all muscles, which carry the thorax.

Release legs and feet to carry your body free in the earthal sphere.

Release your arms and hands to act on your behalf and at your will.

The released body

Perceive the lightness in the body.

Breath reaches deep down the body and touches every cell.

Feel the heart beats passing all over, bringing colour to your cheeks and warmth to your skin.

Your soul has become more room.

Let the experience sink in.

Feel loved and healed.

Lift your attention to your Higher Self. From the core of your person feel the thankfulness arise from every cell. It gathers in small streams only to make a rushing river, that is mirrored into the heavens.

You are connected.

You are One with your Higher Self.

You are One with You.