General Questions

What is the INNATE Method?

he INNATE method increases body and mind health in two ways: It resolves old conflicts and sets your body and hence your resourses free. It teaches you how to solve conflicts on the fly, and thereby keeping you healthy.

Thus you will treat your self the same way, regardless of conditions or diagnoses. Wether you suffer from stress or terminal cancer, the method is exactly the same, because the causes im principle are the same.

What can be cured?

The INNATE Method is not a cure and does not cure anything. As you lift the curse of old conflicts, your resources are set free and can now sustain a more happy and thriving life.

However, as conflicts are the origin of most issures and illnesses, solving then will set your body free to heal out and become sound.

What can I do on my own?

You can do everything! Start out by reading from the menu: “Basics”

Next, if you have the surplus, you can chose to dive deep into the stuff and educate yourself through the “Make your Body Thrive”

How do I book a session?

Make a call +47 94 255 403 or write a note to

Where does it happen?

The most convenient solution is the telephone. As there are no remedies in use staying at home in your bed or garden chair keeps you calm and secure.

How do I prepare for a session?

It is helpful if you understand the “Basics”, but you do not need to know anything!

Clear your mind and focus on how you want to benefit from this session.

Be ready to be called at scedule. If you do not answer, we will try two more times within the first 15 minutes.

How long is a session?

In general 45 minutes will suffice and will not over stretch attention and focus.

What happens during a session?

First you explain your situation and progress.

Next we isolate the most important conflicts and describe it with some basic statements.

Then we can resolve the conflict and relieve the body.

As a last point we may come to talk about how to prevent new conflicts in the course of the day.

Should I expect reactions?

Ofcourse you should. On two levels. First the conflicts resolved will make your dayly life easier to live.

The bodily resources released will give you a surplus and slowly but surely let your body heal out.

This restructuring of soul and body will however also demand some resourses for a short period of time. Some changes happen immediately, others will take months or even years to wholly penetrate each cell of your body.

What is the price?

The price for a session is 50 Euro to be payed in cash or Paypal:

What if I missed the session?

If we do not reach you within the first 15 minutes, the session is gone and so are your money.

Can I postpone a session?

If there is more than 24 hours left, yes.

Can I terminate a session?

Yes, any time. No refund. Be kind to your self. There was a reason you booked the session. Maybe it would be a good idea to postpone it instead?