Final examination

Are you through with this book? Check it out! Do you still have some Hangover from the Paralysis? Does stress and anxiety play the bigger or maybe the only part of your story?

In order to find out, how much the INNATE method has helped you, ask the following questions, where the sum of these three numbers equals the total of all issues, which is 100%. Be sure to incorporate the moment, when you were done with the work; things can happen in the aftermath:

At the moment, when I was done with the healing of the Paralysis Hangover:

  • To which extend was my life negatively influenced by soul-body misalignment?
  • To which extend was my life negatively influenced by spirit-body misalignment?
  • To which extend was my life negatively influenced by other things?

If the result of your questioning looks like this:

  • Spirit-body 60%
  • Soul-body 30%
  • Other things 10%

In some way or another, there is still work to be done. Maybe you do not master the measuring? Maybe it is the healing part, that has to be honed? If you have the willpower, do walk through the chapter about how to heal once more. Otherwise you could be helped by visiting a practitioner, who has the skills and the systematic approach needed.

If the results look rather like this:

  • Spirit-body 10%
  • Soul-body 80%
  • Other things 10%

Then congratulations! Not only have you understood the concept, you have put it to work and done it well!

It is time to move on to the next level. It is time to deal with the impact of unbalanced traumas and conflicts.

Some people will tend to be disappointed at this stage.

I have done everything right, and yet I do not feel any better! Moreover, although the weight has shifted from Paralysis Hangover to unbalanced traumas, the impact on my health is still 100 %! So, why all the fuss?

This is mostly true for people with a high degree of soul-body misalignments.

Even though they have successfully balanced their existing Spirit-body misalignments, the amount of Soul-body misalignments outweighs the benefits of the work done; or makes it insignificant at least.

Hence, stay tuned, be happy for your achievements and head on for the next level!

See you there!