After endless hours of different alternative treatments I had learned enough to understand, that any help you get from outside may give you relief, but it eventually bounces of like water on a goose. The only viable path is that of your own.

I had come to the understanding, that most problems originate – not in genes or biochemistry, like many want us to believe – but in our traumas. These traumas are like computer programs. Every event is recorded in our etheric memory. Whenever an event occurs, the subcouncious walks through all of our recorded past and compares the current event with the past ones to see, if any of them maches. If an adequate one is found, the subconcious will use the stored event as a script for the occuring one, for our benefit of course.

The fact, that the uncouncous is capable of running much of the business, which we call our everyday life, is amazing. Moreover, the unconcious catches impulses way faster than does the conscious mind. Where as the unconscious virtually is working simultaneously, the conscious mind lags miserably behind.

The slackline may serve as an example. If you needed to think before your every move to stay or even move forward on the line, your time on the line would be very short indeed. This is the big difference between the virtuous and the amateur. Mastering very much means to incorporate skils in the unconscious mind.

However, if the outcome of the old, recorded event is not really of my liking, if I comciously decides, this stored program drives my life in a wrong direction, I can take control and do pretty much what ever I want; for this conscious moment that is.

Hence, if you want to live your life with a undesirable set of patterns in your subconscious, and overrule every one of them, you will stay occupied with the tinyest desicions every moment and never really be able to take a walk and enjoy the warming sun or the beautiful sound of the nightigale.

Luckily, the mere fact that these patterns could be stored, recorded or written in the first place indicates, that eventually they may also be rewritten.

One technique developed to bring lasting relief is EFT, theEmotional Freedom Techniques. The technique consists of a pattern of tapping on different acupressure points1, see picture below, while repeating a message about the problem one wishes to overcome.

The messages are all build on a blueprint. It starts out with

Even though I have this …

Then comes your problem, and subsequently

… I deeply and completely accept myself!

If I felt rejected by my father as a child, I would say:

Even though, I have this rejection by my father, I deeply and completely accept myself!

That this should bring about changes, made sense to me, and I started practising.

Over the next year or so I tapped for hours every single day, registering every single tap and message in sophisticated databases in order to measure the slightest progression. I found none. Exhausted and crestfallen I let go of it and never returned to the tapping.

I did think at that moment, everything had been wasted. Actually I had learned a lot. These endless hours of tapping had helped me a bit closer to my body; from no connection to some kind of idea about it. What I had really been exercising was my body awareness – the lifesense – which would come in handy later.

This lack of results demonstrates, how difficult it may be to get to the core of even the simplest methods. In no manuals about EFT did I find anything about the crucial discrimination between different states of mind.

Hence the advise to you, dear reader: Do not hesitate to get help. Do not spend years of your life to figure out things, that already are out there, which other people master and may be able to teach you within hours!


I soon found myself in a rather difficult state. Over the summer I had felt some pain in my right knee. The pain escalated and became an issue when walking and biking. I – being stubborn and proud – hid the growing disability and avoided situations, that could expose my vulnerability. Approaching autumn it only got worse. Eventually I could not hide the fact any more – neither to myself, nor to anyone else: I was about to become disabled, crippled, unable to walk. Through the harshest wintertime I became tied to my bed, without the possibility to move the slightest without an insane pain, that drew me out of sleep endless times every night.

Within some weeks without movement the pain subsided, and I could stumble some steps around. And well, maybe you already guessed it: My old ego showed up immediately, as progress was in sight! But this time I was hit in the face from a totally unexpected side: My body spoke to me! It started telling me what to do and what not to do! I mean literally, giving orders. It dictated the terms under which it – my body – would continue to support me. That rascal! So what could I do, but comply!?

The conversations with my body will be covered later in the chapter about the INNATE awareness, with the full story about the breakdown.


That was a breakthrough, alright, but as soon as we were pals again – my body and me – we got accustomed to the new conditions, and the voice vanished. I wish I had stayed tuned back then, it would have spared me sweat and tears! But nope. Doing it properly, the slow way, one step at a time, that is the thing!

I kept looking out for solutions to help me out of my health problems, and eventually I stumbled over yet another system, that offered a method and relief from just about anything. I bought it and worked intensively for a period of time only to find out, that it was little more that the EFT, I had explored years ago. Instead of the tapping it had some other and maybe even less reasonable rituals, that turned out to be without any significance what so ever.

But now I got signs, that indicated some sort of results. I quickly realized, these results did not originate in the newly found system. In fact, now it seemed, that all kinds of things connected to healing are mere rituals. Like the tapping. Praying. Drumming. Sage. Connecting to angels or ascended masters. Rituals to keep you connected, because the real healing is not visible or touchable with the five materialistic senses. It does not extend into our reality of time and space, whence we so easily let it disappear like sand between the fingers.

Thus after having fought my way through the veils of rituals, I realized, the reason why it worked was to be found in me: Somehow I had managed to develop my own abilities to the point, where they gave rise to palpable results.

As I understood, what humankind is capable of, I did not hesitate. I started working with all kinds of exotic things.

Like my eyes. I use prescription glasses since age of 12. So many times have I tried to get rid of them. I have tried to heal my eyes through changing eating habits, supplements and exercises. Furthermore I wanted to look into human superpower. What about overcoming the need for sleep? Or food?

But soon I found myself dealing with things, that any ordinary person at my age have to deal with. With 60 years behind me, the list of unresolved problems was just growing. Ever lasting stress, bad sleep, claudication, reduced heart rate variability, dizziness and so on. So the dreams of the superhuman are beached for some unforeseeable time to come, and I am occupied trying to overcome these common chronic diseases, that everybody will face; lest they learn to treat their body in the right state of mind; and best of course, already as a child!

Now, when the time approaches, when this book is going to be printed, I realize how lucky I am. Grave bodily problems could have come later. And I would maybe have published a book promising you to cure any disease, and then die from some stupid problem, mentioned with nonchalance in this same book!

Remember Hulda Clark? She wrote such a book. She even wrote a book about how to cure all cancers. At the age of 79 she died of exactly that: cancer!

Maybe it is not such a big deal? Is it not OK to die at the age of 79? Of course it is. And she brought hope and help to lots of suffering people.