Die of Old Age

This is so far Modern Science brings us: The biggest killer is ordinary food, bought in ordinary stores by ordinary people. Even small children are allowed access to this deadly weapon.

You might add things like stress; it´s not on the list though. Obviously it is hidden under many of the listed symptoms.

Looking at the items on the list it becomes clear, that the wast majority of people do not die from old age either. They do not die with a happy smile on their face, having finished their goals here on earth.

As a matter of fact there is no such term on the list: Old Age. Done here! Gone home! It does not even exist! All though I know from personal experience people, who did exactly that.

I will tell you about Lars. He was born around 1910 I suppose. He lived on some few acres of land on a shady hillside in a meagre high altitude inland valley of Norway. In the summer times he worked for the farmers, who had good sunny fields and thriving meadows along the river down in the valley. During the harsh and snowy winter months he worked in the deep forests, cutting timber for the same farmers.

At home on the hillside his wife, Gunda, lived with their seven children and a few cows. Fruit, herbs and vegetables were grown, dried or conserved for the 6 long wintermonths. In July she brought some of the farmers cows together with her own, and they all enjoyed the mountain pastures until the chilly nights again painted the grass white early in august.

During the winter she had her hands full trying to make all children and animals survive with what they had managed to put in store in the short intensive summer.

Now, when I got acquainted with Lars and Gunda, all their children had luckily survived. They were grown up and had settled in the neighbourhoods, and the old couple lived in peace in their little farmhouse.

One year I visited them, Lars was in bed in the living room, which surprised me quite a bit. I was welcome though, no problem, and please, come in and have a seat!

The old man – now some eighty years old or so – was tired, half sitting, half lying on his pillows. He was in a good mood though, and enjoyed telling some stories from back then.

The only thing was: He had done, what should be done! It had been a good journey, a hard but merry time with his wife and children. There was nothing more to say to it. So now Lars lay there, waiting for death to come. His wife Gunda nursed him diligently until one day, he did not wake up. Lars had lived a content and happy life, thankful for every day with his simple belongings. Now it had come to an end.

From what did he die then? What did the doctor say: Digestive disease? Weak liver function? He would have to come up with something, as you already understand. You don´t just die for no reason?

People get worn out

Most people die a painful, unhappy and miserable death, often on a hospital with tubings and ticking instruments. They die unconscious, because relatives – and in many countries jurisdiction prescribes it – demand heavy measures against pains.

The body does not seam to support them any more. It is worn out, as simple as that! We tend to become as old as 80 years of age, but we are kept alive with all sorts of chemicals and prostheses. Look at picture below. Albrecht Dürer painted his mother at 63 years of age1. She looks more like a mummie than a living woman. What has happened to her? Is it even human?

Yet, all of these deaths are diagnosed; they have a label on them, as can be seen on the chart at picture 4. Except for some very few persons, they all have one interesting thing in common. Almost all the persons, dying from the different topics on the list, lived under toxic conditions.

And no, it is not the food anyway. We might believe, that it is, because of what we have been told. “Lifestyle, you know!” But many of these people lived a quite decent life. They did not drink alcohol, except on special occasions. They did not smoke tobacco. They did not overeat. They were outside on a regular basis and maintained a physically healthy life. They even tried to eat according to common sense and science based advices. And yet, the doctor was able to diagnose their deaths with one of his preferred causes, as seen on the chart.

We are talking about a severe condition here, that strikes almost all people on the planet. So this is huge! And worse yet: This condition does not even leave the people at peace during the night. Alcoholics at least stop drinking during sleep, don´t they? All these people are kept under heavy influence of their condition 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; hence no wonder, that people look tired all day long.

The main cause of death, that is behind the scene of the most common diagnoses on the above list, is in plain words: The physical consequences of stress and trauma.

Prime Creator gets competition

Physical consequences of trauma will inevitably hit the body sooner or later and thus inflict your bodily experience, your physical life quality that is.

Let us pay attention to the human body for a moment. It is build upon a unique blueprint. It can not be matched by any robotics, because it is already a robot; just like in the movie Avatar, remember? It took the development of our solar system and millions or even billions of years to fine tune it.

This blueprint is tuned and sophisticated way beyond the understanding of any branch of modern science. The penetration of it´s depths of wisdom is not within sight.

I once heard a story bringing some light to the topic of just how advanced modern science is, and how improvements in robotics and artificial intelligence may improve life on earth. The saying goes, that envoys from the scientific community asked for an audience with God Father himself. Upon arrival they elaborated their errand:

The development of modern science has now ripened to such a degree, that the board of the community has concluded, it is overdue to take over the further track of evolution. In other words: There is in fact no more need for you, Prime Creator!

The emissary paused and stared uncertain and impatiently at the old grey deity.

God Father listened in silence and nodded thoughtfully in deep contemplation. Then he met the scientists anxious glance and replied:

Well, you have indeed made impressive progress, and how could I be the one to restrict the development of humankind, which I have given everything, as they are my first borne? But, before I give over the world and its future in your hands, I would like to witness your skills as you create life, independent of me!

Reassured by the promising words of the old man, the scientist immediately took action. He bowed down so as to grasp some dirt, from which to start his creation. But before his fingers reached the ground, the old man stopped him with an annoyed voice:

Wait! Lest you forget, I created this dirt!

The Blueprint

We may create a robot, that performs certain tasks better than the most excelled human, we may be able to genetically improve individuals to withstand certain impacts, and yet the course of evolution eventually will render these improvements invalid and the aeons will grind them to fruitless dust.

The blueprint of creation is not only appropriate, it is the crown of evolution. This is not meant to be judgmental at all. This is about evolution it self. Pick any creature out there and you will find, that it makes up a stepping stone on the development of man. And yet it does not. Because any and all of the species on earth, except for man, has some sort of specialization. This is what specie means!

Each specie has joined the path with the rest of evolution until a certain point. There it “made” a decision to settle. It jumped of the train of evolution and found a niche and became good at its newfound way of life by specializing.

The price however is, that this specialization blocks the way back into the main train of evolution; which is man. There is no way an elephants trunk can reeducate itself to become a human nose, and by no means can a birds wing become a human hand. See picture 6.

The trunk as well as the wing are end results of eons of specialization, emanating from the blueprint: Man. Hence one might say, there is nothing special about man. The opposite is true. Though man is the least specialized of any species and thus entails the best realization of the blueprint of life, this is exactly, what is really special about man. This means, that the future of life on earth does not emanate from microbes or monkeys, but from man2.

However, man has indeed, like any other species, the possibility to specialize. This could be within the realm of calculative thinking for instance. Obvious future development paths could also be further steps into permanent competition or even a merge with artificial intelligence and mechanical robotics.

Many traits in modern human society has affinities in such directions. One common marker of these traits is, that it weakens the human body. We speak of chronic or lifestyle diseases. Any attempt to interfere with the human body, that restricts it´s INNATE functions or purposes, will be understood as injury, as harm against life, and thus as deteriorating in the lifesense. Trauma.

The picture shows the “hands” of a dinosaur, bird, deer, dog and man.
The animals do not suffer from human, modern civilization diseases. Neither do the plants. That said, we may impose such illnesses on them, in as much as we draw them into our lifestyle.

Where as cows 100 years ago gave some few litres of milk a day in the multitude of the summer and hardly anything during winter, now they easily give 30 litres a day, regardless of the season. The cows, living as they did with and in the farm family, easily lived for 20 years and more. Now a days a cow typically lives something like 5 years.

What is the difference? Now the animals are mere parts of a product line, where they either adjust to the system or they are disposed of. This adjustments divert the animals away from their natural life. Each step demands corrections, corresponding steps to be taken by the animal spirit in order to bring harmony and balance into the earthal life of the animals. This, I suppose, is not easily done.

The dairy industry will love it though, when the bio architects manage to create free living udders to be implemented in their marketing strategy.

These civilization related diseases are now adding up. We literally pas them on to the coming generations. A simple example is the pregnant urban woman, trying to keep up with her busy career and family life. This is hardly possible without permanent stress. For the coming child to be conceived and grow in stress creates trauma, that cripples it for the rest of it´s life. The deadliest of all sins.

Hence, if we want to regain health, we need to pay attention to some few things: First we have to remove the consequences of the traumas from pre birth and childhood. Next we have to correct our habits so as never again to allow anything or anybody to intrude and harm our sacred space.

This is what INNATE is all about.

Of course incorporating elements of a more natural life style, at least just so much as to stay alive, and maybe even go for the luxury of happiness, will do the glacing. In remembrance of the Blueprint.