Computing your subconscious

The computer model

The subconscious is often referred to as a set of stored programs. Some use a mass storage as a picture. The belief is, that the subconscious works like a computer. It does nothing without an input. It simply sits there, waiting for impulses, be it from outside the body or inside. An outside impulse may be something approaching. You hear the doorbell or see a vehicle coming on the road. You have to determine, whether this something is eatable or potentially dangerous; can you receive it in love, or do you have to keep distance. An inside impulse could be hunger or an idea, that has to manifest.

When an impulse is received, it is processed. All existing programs in the memory are searched in order to find the ones concerning the incoming impulse. Next they are evaluated to find out, which one has been most used, which one is the closest match to the current situation. When the best match is recognized, it is activated.

All of this is done in real time, simultaneously and effortless. Not so with your conscious mind. It lacks way behind. That is half a second or so. That does not sound like a big deal, you say? But yes, it does. Because this means, that a conscious interference will always happen, after the subconscious mind has initiated a program.

In a strained relationship it is common to interfere and prohibit sentences to be spoken out. We act as if we know beforehand, what the spouse has to say. This will of course secure a high degree of efficiency, at the programmed quarrel is refined and needs less and less time as the years pass. What happens is, that words become triggers. When the words “lazy” or “insulting” are pronounced, they trigger a series of defence reactions.

Sadly these triggered reactions may prevent the couple to invent new outcomes of there interactions, simply because they as a matter of fact do not listen to words and intentions, but simply press buttons and perform automated tasks.

Therefore, if you want to rewrite such a program, you will benefit from an intervention in peace time. When you have recognized the results, that you do not want to reproduce, you may sit down and search the part of the mass storage in question and rewrite it.

This might be an oversimplified understanding of how the subconscious works. More likely the subconscious keeps track of all the infinite actions and reactions, that make up the time line of our life.

Not as a line though. The time line is rather dots on a row. Each one is a tiny story with information about input and output. If similar events happen often, a generalized story is created. Such generalized stories are assigned with scores, depending on the frequency and success of their use.

If we suppress a higher ranking story, then a lower ranking story will be selected. This way there is no such thing as “overwriting”. The only thing we can do is add and prioritize. The subconscious becomes more complex this way, but the handling much simpler. We do not need to search for old obsolete sequences of programs. We just have to understand, how to add and prioritize sequences.

In actuality this system was created and installed loooong ago. It is veeeery reliable. If you don´t know as of yet, I can tell you, it is trustworthy!

How could you question it anyway? This is what carried life through all time since creation!

Growth or switch

It is good to be aware of a condition. But knowing in real time how close you are to the abyss, how many steps further, and you will be falling irresistibly with the certain destiny, namely the bottom pit of hell, closing in tremendously fast; this knowledge alone does not save you. For that you need to take action and you will need another tool.

As we have already established, the subconscious mind runs the show in our everyday. Thus, if something is not functioning the way, we want it to, we have to give the message over to this subconscious mind, ordering the wished for change.

For the soul-body connection the process is work intensive. The misalignments may adjust over time through life itself though, through the grinding incidents of our everyday. It is almost as if we have to grow new connections between soul and body. It is like treating a garden. Your eye catches something, that bothers you, and you give it your loving attention, which helps it grow the way, you want it to.

Less so for the spirit-body misalignments. After years or even decades of Paralysis Hangover they indeed need to be addressed very conscious and focussed. However, these adjustments are rather like switching a breaker than growing a garden.

Assistive supplies

The INNATE method does not entail any physical, chemical or manipulative parts. No massage is needed. Not even touching, although the touch of a practitioners hand may be helpful. The INNATE method only consists of knowledge and loving attention.

When it comes to drugs and medicines, the answer is the same. They are not part of the INNATE method. This is not because plants like Ayahuasca are worthless, meaningless or dangerous as such. Most things are dangerous if treated the wrong way. Some people die from the life sustaining substance of this earthal life par see, water!

There are people, that I know of, whom I highly respect and admire, that have used plant medicine. A lady, Iris, told me her life story. At a certain point she met a barrier, which seemingly was impenetrable and insurmountable. And yet, following the simple doctrine, that you put your stern at the root of the mountain, and it will move or dissolve, a path showed up. She was lead to a person, who had some kind of plant medicine. She was shown in spirit how to prepare and perform the ceremony. And it all worked out perfectly for her! She got past the obstacles!

For other people, I know of, it turns out otherwise. They find comfort in a community, that settles around the use of the medicine. Their happenings are the ceremonies. Their everyday is filled with growing the plants and preparations for the next ceremony. The store rooms of the house smells from these plants. They are grown and take space in the garden. Many people even take part in the trade. All their life pivots around plant medicine and ceremonies. It becomes their life content and meaning. In my opinion, they are off track. They have lost their way. It is a dead end.

For some few it becomes a trap. Initially they joined, not because of the intrinsic and unavoidable step, that led their way, but rather their lust for excitement. For adventure. Or even as simple as the wish to socialize, to stay with friends. And ceremonies is what they are doing.

For some of these people the meeting and confrontation with the plant medicine can turn out to become disastrous. The moment did not turn out to become as merry as the wish was. Through an intoxication they may suddenly find themselves confronted with the pure, cruel, uncompromising essence of the plant, and it turns out, they were not prepared. And it turns out, that neither was the maestro of the ceremony. Some of these people end up being unhappy for the rest of their lives, or even insane.

The thing with the story of Iris is, that she was prepared. The turning point in her life had come. She had the drive and willpower to make it happen. If she had not met this medicine, she would have found another way through. If you find yourself becoming dependend on a person, thing, medicine or incident to proceed in life, you are likely on a side track.

Because Iris had become, just who she was, and now was at the right place at the right moment with the right person, it all turned out just right. If any of these outside circumstances would have changed, it would likely have been just right anyway. Because her whole existence demanded the change to occur, this change found its way into her life. Merciless, yet graciously.

Loving attention

If we want to change the score assigned to a certain program, we can do so by consciously using it; or even not. For instance, your spouse always squishes the toothpaste tube in the middle, and you hate it. For decades now you have been yelling each time that happened.

The moment you become conscious about it, you can make the cold decision to drop it. Simply not do it. Not this time. Maybe tomorrow, but not now. A very simple step changes your relationship, and the way you communicate.

This is a very common approach. If you have the willpower and enough time, eventually you can change any behaviour. The results though are generally not encouraging. How many times did you stop smoking or eating chocolate, only to start over some few days later?

There is a simple technique, that everybody can learn with ease. It only has some few premises.

The first thing: It is not enough to think about the change you wish for. Thinking is usually about yesterday or to morrow. But change only happens now! Thinking is something, that usually happens in the Beta brain. This is important by all means, but the mere calculation only changes your perspective.

The real change in life first and foremost happens in the Delta state, where there is only now. There is only here. We are outside time and space. And maybe most importantly: There is only one, which is us. That is, we are all one!

Being in the here and now, make sure to desire only what suits the bigger good, that which sustains life. Arguably a healthy you will not benefit the pharmacy industry. Therefore what is good for you, is bad for others, you might say.

But wait, is that statement true? Who is the pharmacy industry anyway? In this equation the pharmacy industry is not a God created entity or being. It is a construct, that lives and grows on people, who do not take care of their bodies, who do not take responsibility for their own health. In this respect the pharmacy definitely fills in the gab, just like any parasite. And the mere fact, that it exists, tells you, that something is wrong and needs to be corrected. Most anything, that is composed and distributed by these chemical industries will restrict life, not sustain it. It is rather rat poison than God given manna.

With your children and friends, with your neighbours and even your business partners things are different. When you take responsibility for your own life and become healthier, it eventually spills over and influences their lives, making them healthier too. At least when you see this happen, you will know, that what you did, was good and not some kind of black magic.

Next thing is to connect to what we want to influence. Again the mere thinking about it changes nothing. You need to connect.

The somewhat abused saying, that love is all you need, may still have something to it. So, what is the reality behind all this talk about love?


What is love? Whatever it is, love attracts more attention that does stock markets or even the best of virtual games. More books have been written about love, than war. Even the most brutal war stories entail some aspects of a love story.

Love is what everybody dream of at a certain point in life, not war. Love, not war, tempts us into relationship and family. Even though many relationships self terminate in war like conditions.

However, love is actually very simple. The word originates in something like luve and lufu. Although the standard etymology does not mention it, the link to live and life is evident: luve = live and lufu = life. Hence love is inherently connected to life.

And what is life? Life is what happens, when attention on something is kept focussed. Like when the sun sets and shines predictably day after day.

Obviously life is only sustained by the attention, that is … good attention. It is possible to kill by means of intended attention though. It is called black magic. Black magic manipulates and restricts life; it is the negation of life. Obviously black magic has no relevance, when it comes to living, thriving life and love.

Thus we might say, that love manifests from persistent life sustaining attention.

Attention can be paid. Intentionally. Life can consciously be sustained and thrive; whence love can emanate and grow on purpose.

State of mind

Words may express intention. Intention does not follow the words. Words may be spoken, simply because they were once heard, and now they can be spoken, repeated.

Life reacts on the intent, not the words. Think of most parents, how they load words on the kids?

How many times have I told you to not do this or that?

And does the kids care? Little or not at all. They care about what the parents do, not what we say.

This phenomenon is illuminated by an experience from the time, when I worked the fields with horses. I was ploughing with two horses one chilly spring morning.

Along comes a man. He stops at the fence and studies the pair of horses pulling the plough. After some rounds I get the impulse to make a halt and exchange some words with the fellow.

He tries to understand, how the communication with the horses works, and I gladly elaborate for him, how it goes; at least from what I understand.

When I want the horses to pull, I say: Makk!

And when I want them to stop, I say: Prrrr!

The man listened carefully and ponders on my explanation. Then he objects: “But hey, you just said the pull word! How come, they did not move?”

Well, eh… what should I say, but the simple fact, that I did not intend them to move!? It is not until now, that I better understand the phenomenon myself.

Explaining how we communicate does not equal communication. My explanation to the man´s question was mere empty words, coming from a beta state of the brain. The words were talked in time and space to represent an idea to the listener.

I said good by to the lad and Makk! to the horses, and they leaned forward, putting weight into the harness, until they overcame the resistance in the moist and cold earth, and of we went!

Now this time the message came from a delta state. The word Makk! does not really have any meaning in a common sense, and less so in the mind of a horse. It is merely a carrier of a telepathic message; which again is the intended attention. Get it?

How to use the intended attention

Now that we have the states of mind clear, we can progress to the communication with muscles and organs.

Let us say, for example, that my psoas is heavily lamed through trauma. All I need do is to intensify the feeling of the change, I wish for. I embrace my psoas, bathe and soothe it in my loving attention and intention.

But it is tricky. Because attention is a state of mind! At the same time we wish for change. Change means, that something is moved from here to there, from one state to another. Change demands action! Attention does not happen though. It merely is! Thus the change happens, while you are not moving anything, while you are static, though being attentive.

Our bodies are made for action and movement. If you hear a sudden noise, you may stiffen and become nothing but listening. But living close to a noisy factory, you get used to the noise and forget about it.

Likewise with seeing. You can come quite close to a bird or a dear out in the wilderness, if you stay calm, that is. A slight movement of a hand may send a herd of dears galloping through the bushes.

Or try to look at an object like a burning candle for a minute or two. You will observe, that after a short while a dark shadow overlays the flame and details in the circumference become blurry. Then turn your head and look at a white wall. There you will see that the shadow, that previously covered the flame, has now moved with your focus and resides on the white wall. Only after another minute this shadow gradually disappears.

From this we can learn, that we have to stay moving in order for our senses to work properly.

If you ever tried to meditate, you might have recognized, that the same applies for focusing on a mantra. Your mind immediately starts drifting. Within a very short time pictures, worries, needs, tasks flood your mind. This is a big part of, what Eastern traditional practice is all about.


Here comes another practice in handy. The Holy Rosary1! Through centuries people have used it to help focus whilst praying.

If you are not familiar with this practice, you might wonder, how it helps praying. But it is easy to understand, when you think about it.

Let us say, you want to stay in a certain state, for example gratitude. And you know, how difficult it is to stay in that state. Now we can benefit from the knowledge, that it is easier to stay focused, whilst moving. Thus we start moving the rosary between our fingers, one pearl at the time.

Knowing, that there are five times ten pearls, gives us the certainty, that it is doable; I do not expect my conscious attention to last eternally. When I have moved five times ten pearls, I will have performed one round.

Unconsciously I commit to making one round. This makes it easier to stay concentrated.

In this way I use the gentle, predictable movement of the rosary in my hand to increase my ability to focus on something, that is stationary and does not move: My state of mind! It is not magic, but close to!

Or you can think of a thermometer2 like the one at the picture. Imagine the temperature must rise from zero to 10 or level down to zero, what ever fits your goal. Then see the pointer move whilst you count and keep your goal in mind: Focussed, loving attention!

Interestingly the tapping sequence of EFT is another such pattern, which is predictable for the unconscious, and thus is acceptable and trustworthy, regardless possible therapeutic benefits from the tapping on the acupressure points itself.