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#2 Quantifying

This class takes you a step further towards mastering telepathic trauma healing, and is the second class in the INNATE series.

Building on the knowledge from the previous class, you will learn how to quantify what you perceive, and also recognize basic feelings related to a trauma.

The education is live.

New dates soon!

I am very grateful for the way you present new things to us.
You give us time and space. And when we learn something new, I can see there is a good balance between doing new things, and having to challenge myself a little bit.

Class participant, Level #1 – day 2

When and how

You just missed a class!

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We meet online, in smaller groups, and the education is live.


We will have small lectures about supernatural perception, why it is important; and some rules.

There will be lots of exercising your skills as of how to read your body perceptions, and how to quantify and hence to validate them.

You will get methods and tools for systematic and efficient work.


  • Completed Level #1
  • Connect to other bodies
  • Differentiate between thought, memory, feeling and body perception

Please note that microphone and camera is necessary to be able to follow the course.

What you will learn

This second class intents to teach you how to read body perceptions and quantify the perceived.

The ability to validate a problem and to know if it is burdensome or barely noticeable is crucial. This helps us get things in perspective in a world which actually has none.

We will expand our horizon and touch upon higher parts of our being.

This class also introduces the first step of the INNATE protocol, where we will touch upon examples of traumas using a list of feelings.


Explore the groundbreaking science behind the INNATE method with the book “Trauma is a thing of the past”. This book is highly recommended as a support and supplement on your path to becoming the best version of you.

It can of course be read on its own, or as a preparation while you wait for the classes to start.

As it turns out, correcting one tiny word from your childhood may be a game changer. We simply need a tool to find the essence of it and a tool to mend it with. This is the INNATE Method.

I like the way it is safe in the group to ask questions, and to get different explanations.
For me, I can see I feel very safe in the group.
And very safe together with you, because you create a space for all of us, and for the development. So I am very grateful for you all. Thank you.

Class participant, Level #1 – day 2

The four parts of this class

The class is a mix of lectures and practical parts, but mostly about you exercising what you came for; learning the skills needed to start finding and healing unsolved traumas.

A. Quantifying

In this part we will learn to gain perspective through quantifying the perceived. Recognizing the scent of tiger does not mean that the tiger is right behind you. Getting a feel of water could mean some droplets of water or a tsunami coming. As you understand, perspective really matters.

In order to gain foothold in the hidden world, we will exercise how to compensate for this lack of dimensions.

B. Connection

This part is all about connecting—and disconnecting—to objects, animals, persons, living or passed. How do we do it? How does it differ from the physical world?

We will exercise focusing and strengthening a connection, and how to stop mind chatter.

We will learn to connect to source to strengthen and calm ourselves.

C. Systematic work

When we have become acquainted with these basic skills, it is time to put them into a practical framework.

We will exercise how to influence obvious things like our own mood.

Next, we will implement some good practices in order to get quick and precise results, like the use of muscle testing, the 10 second rule, and the four step healing procedure.

D. Evaluation

During the class we will evaluate it. Is the learning curve too steep or too slack? Is the time frame appropriate? What are the hurdles? How do we perform as a group? Do we reach our goals?

We will personally assure you that in order to benefit from this class you will in no way rely on entering some mystic state or trance. Just be open and attentive.

“I am very happy with being in this group, and being honest with each other.
And what you teach us I am very happy with.
As we are here, we can heal ourselves by your help and by our will.
Let the love heal and be able to do what is our purpose in this life.
But we have to connect with our souls.
So really, I am so grateful, and look forward for tomorrow.”

Class participant, Level #1 – day 1


120$ / 120€ / 1200 NOK

This is what you get:

  • 12 hours of intense education
  • live on-line class
  • homework assignments in form of a PDF-file with explained exercises, to bring the method into your daily life
  • access to low priced 1-on-1 teaching sessions with Ole Blente
  • a unique education in the INNATE method available nowhere else
  • close follow-up from the teacher
  • the safety of a small group working tightly together, where no-one is left behind
  • two days filled with knowledge and practical work