Take charge of your destiny

#1 Perceiving

The first class in the INNATE series is meant to teach you the basics of telepathic trauma healing.

The education is live, and designed to give you an intense and truly valuable experience.

We meet April 15 and 16, 2023

Thank you for a fantastic course weekend. Lots of love. Can’t wait for the sequel. Thank you.”

Class participant, Level #1 – day 2

When and how

It is a weekend class, and we meet Saturday and Sunday, April 15 and 16, 2023, from 16-22 CET / 10am-4pm EST. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know the next class dates.

We meet online, in smaller groups, and the education is live.


Shorter lectures on supernatural perception, why it is important; and some rules.

Lots of exercising what you came for; Learning the skills needed to start finding and healing unsolved conflicts, or traumas if you like.

You will get methods and tools for systematic and efficient work.


Anybody who intents to acquire these skills can take part. Please note that microphone and camera is necessary to be able to follow the class.

What you will learn

  • To become aware of your own body
  • To access the astral- and etheric field
  • Some basic skills how to navigate the supernatural world
  • To cooperate better with your body


Explore the groundbreaking science behind the INNATE method with the book “Trauma is a thing of the past”. This book is highly recommended as a support and supplement on your path to becoming the best version of you.

It can of course be read on its own, or as a preparation while you wait for the classes to start.

As it turns out, correcting one tiny word from your childhood may be a game changer. We simply need a tool to find the essence of it and a tool to mend it with. This is the INNATE Method.

“I think the communication has been very good during the class. And we’ve had a good time. It was very thorough with the explanations you gave. And the rubber band-exercise made me conscious of how I am perceiving my body. That was very interesting, and it is a great class.”

Class participant, Level #1 – day 2

The three parts of this class

The class is a mix of lectures and practical parts, but mostly about you exercising what you came for; learning the skills needed to start finding and healing unsolved traumas.

A. Telepathy and trauma

We start off by finding out what telepathy is, and how traumas happen, and how telepathic trauma healing work.

With this knowledge as base, you are guided into the magical world of the INNATE method through exercises and discussions together with like-minded and equally inspiring people.

B. Sensing

In this part we will learn to differentiate between feelings and perceptions, and learn how to become aware of them again, seeing that our entire life so far has worked to disrupt the connection between our body and our consciousness.

We will also learn to connect to other beings, and how to trust what we perceive in the hidden world.

C. Evaluation

During the class we will evaluate it. Is the learning curve too steep or too slack? Is the time frame appropriate? What are the hurdles? How do we perform as a group? Do we reach our goals?

We will personally assure you that in order to benefit from this class you will in no way rely on entering some mystic state or trance. Just be open and attentive.

… Because there’s a way to do this. There is a way to do life. To do all this energy that comes in and out of my life. There is a way to deal with the conflicts. There is a way to deal with me. There is way to deal with all the pressures of the world. There is a way to deal with all of this stuff. And I was never taught it. We are not taught these things. And so it is such a breath of fresh air to hear you, and to be in your presence, and to have you share this. Thank you.”

Class participant, Level #1 – day 1


120$ / 120€ / 1200 NOK

This is what you get:

  • 12 hours of education in a small group
  • a PDF-file with explained exercises
  • a unique education in the INNATE method available nowhere else
  • access to low priced 1-1 teaching sessions with Ole Blente
  • an intense weekend filled with knowledge and practical work
  • homework assignments, to bring the method into your daily life
  • live on-line class
  • close follow-up from the teacher
  • effective teaching where no-one is left behind
  • the safety of a small group of people working tightly together
  • access to closed workshops for class participants only