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Safer room for uncomfortable feelings

I find conversations with Ole very constructive. He makes it easier and safer to feel uncomfortable feelings and old traumas. He helps me illuminate what needs to be worked on, at the same time he gives me good and useful ways to continue working on my own.


My new normal

I know that a ton of things were released today, old patterns were dismantled giving room for more light and love. Thank you for everything you give and share. I have felt a tremendous inner peace ever since I left. I feel still dizzy and a little shocked after everything that was redeemed. I’ll just drink lots of water and relax so the energy can get grounded. And become my new normal 🙂


Calmed my back pain

My first meeting with Ole was in the beginning of 2021. My friend had spoken warmly of him, and I was very exited about meeting him. It so happened that a week before the meeting I had gotten a terrible pain in my lower back, and I didn’t understand how it had come about. I thought it might be due to a muscle overload as I exercise quite a bit, and it never occurred to me that there could be another reason. When I met Ole I immediately felt at ease as he has a very authentic, calm but also playful energy about him. We sat down in a circle and talked, and I told the group about my back pain, and we decided to work on that. 

What Ole did that day, and the awareness he raised in all of us, was pure magic. He made me understand that I could communicate with my own body and get all the answers I need from it. I asked my back why it was tense, and I eventually found out that there was a lot of emotion stored in my lower back. We worked actively on releasing these emotional blockages; I listened to it, gave it love and comforted it. The next day the pain was completely gone, and I understood that Ole had helped me understand my own processes, and how to deal with them by giving me the tools to go into myself intentionally, with understanding, adding peace, calm and love.
Ole has a unique ability to help you listen to yourself and what goes on inside you, both physically, emotionally and spiritually. With his calm and pleasant voice he makes you feel safe and cared for, and he has also helped me finding my own inner calm. We also did visualization exercises, where we addressed each topic to release pressure on all areas, and this made it so much easier to understand how to restore peace and calm within oneself and in one’s emotional field.
I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to have this beautiful soul in my life!
Thank you for being who you are, Ole, and thank you for the work you do to help so many <3
With best regards from Hedda Marlene, Nøtterøy

Child and passed away father

My daughter lost her father in a car accident shortly before her sixth birthday, and the chock got stuck in her system. She has not been able to go into the pain to any great extent, but it haunts her, and it has gradually gotten worse. After a panic attack I contacted Ole Blente, who has provided invaluable help in the form of simple but trustworthy visualization exercises with immediate effect. My daughter expressed that she had had the best day in a long time (not knowing that she had received trauma treatment), and I see a distinct change in her. She is far more lighthearted and bubbly, and laughing like before the accident. There is still the occasional panic attack, but they are less frequent and less severe. Ole also helped me to reestablish the connection between her and her father, to the state it was before she shut off to protect herself. I am deeply grateful for the help Ole has given us, and I give him my warmest recommendations.

Kristina Kjørmo